Whether you’re fundraising for a national charity, a local non-profit organisation or a volunteering trip, there are a number of ways you can make fundraising enjoyable for both you and your guests. Some of our fundraiser ideas will take more planning and organisation than others, but all of them will provide hours of entertainment to people of all ages and help you to raise as much money as possible for your chosen cause. Whether you’re looking for a fundraiser idea that will get people outside and active or something a little more low-key, you’re sure to find an idea that you love.

10 Creative Fundraiser Ideas You’ll Love

Our fundraiser ideas provide suitable options for any fundraising event, whether it’s being held by a local football club, a primary school, or a charity. Having provided event entertainment services for many years, from chocolate fountains to our London photobooth hire, the Harry and Edge team know exactly how to make your event a hit. Read on for our fundraising event suggestions and advice!


Fundraising Ideas For Schools

What better way to provide children with fun and valuable experience than by getting them involved in organising a fundraiser? Consider letting the children have a say, for example, through a class vote, when choosing a fundraising cause and event type. The cause could be to support a charity for vulnerable children or to buy new equipment for your classroom – whatever you choose, this is an excellent way to teach children about empathy, money, and enterprise.

1. Craft Fair

This idea is best hosted around seasonal events such as Christmas or Easter. You could either offer craftspeople an opportunity to sell their products at your event in exchange for a donation or have the school children get busy making crafts to sell. You can also charge a small customer entrance fee and provide complimentary beverages to make the event more appealing. Hosting the event around the holiday season is ideal when people are looking to purchase special, homemade gifts.

2. Talent Show

Why not arrange a talent show starring the children in your class that parents can spectate in exchange for a donation? Holding this type of event is an excellent way to recognise and encourage the individual talents of each child. There is no need to choose a winner at the end if you are worried about any upset that this may cause; you can simply allow the magicians, dancers, singers, artists and comedians in your class to showcase their abilities!

Talent Show

Fundraising Ideas For Charity

Fundraising for a charity is an incredible thing to do! You will likely find that people will generally be open to contributing money towards a cause if the benefits of donating are clear, so, regardless of the type of event you choose to hold, don’t shy away from pulling on people’s heartstrings a bit! Using imagery of those who benefit from your chosen charity’s work around your event is an excellent way to do this, be they endangered animals or sick children. Using our graffiti wall in London, you could even create a hashtag for your event that can be featured on your graffiti wall for guests to pose with and post to social media to get the word out about your event!

3. Auction

With this event, you’ll need to get people invested in your cause before the event even starts. Ask local restaurants, hotels, gift shops, salons, barbers and farm shops if they would be willing to donate any of their services or products to an auction in support of your cause. Consider providing leaflets on your cause to these business owners so that they can see who their donations will help and how. Besides the traditional hampers and gift baskets, ask local businesses to donate experiences: the more unique and appealing prizes you have, the more people will be interested in getting involved.

4. Singles Event

Host a singles dating night and bring couples together whilst raising money for charity. With this event, you will have a lot of scope on the theme, from a speed dating event to a cocktail night. Singles can sign up to a dating register in exchange for a donation to participate in your event and have the chance to mingle with other charitable singles! Consider asking local dating agencies for help to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

5. Fashion Show

Choose a theme and organise a fashion show for your local community! You could charge a small entrance fee to participants, as well as a spectator’s fee to raise money. Whether participants show up in stunning outfits that belong on a runway or provide a laugh with a comically ugly costume, your attendees are sure to be entertained.

A brilliant way to get the word out about your charity fashion show event is to use our photobooth hire in London: participants can take photos in their themed outfits to share on social media alongside your event hashtag, which is sure to pique the interest of the local community! Check out our previous article for 10 clever photobooth ideas.

Fashion Show

Football Club Fundraising Ideas

Whether your football club is for adults, children, or both, holding a fundraiser is an excellent way to either help fund the club’s expenses or show your support for a charitable cause. Our football club fundraising ideas are suitable for participants of all ages, so read on to find out how to make your event stand out!

6. Car Washing

Ask your club members to volunteer to participate in your car washing event. You could knock on doors in your area and wash people’s cars for cash, or you could throw a car washing event in a specific location and ask individuals to come to you if they are interested in having their car cleaned in exchange for a small donation. This is an excellent way to raise money for your cause while providing a service that people are genuinely in need of. It’ll also likely prove enjoyable for your volunteers, who can have fun making posters for the event to display, as well as throwing around wet, soapy sponges! Regardless of age, we can’t think of a more rewarding and entertaining way to spend time with teammates!

7. Charity Tournament

Sometimes there’s no need to think outside the box- as a football club, why not hold a charitable football match or tournament to raise money? Charge spectators a small fee to watch the event, which you can make more appealing by adding a twist. For example, you could organise a parent vs children match that is likely to be highly entertaining for all those involved and watching. Alternatively, you could choose a theme, such as ‘under the sea’ or ‘outer space’ and request that all participants wear a silly costume reflecting it. This will be hilarious to watch and hopefully draw more people into your event!

8. Scavenger Hunt

Organise a scavenger hunt around the clubhouse and football pitch. You can charge an entrance fee for participants, who will need to search for clues and hints to find the main prize. You can allow people to enter as families, teams, pairs or individuals, depending on the age and abilities of your club members. Ensure that you set specific boundaries and rules for the hunt to ensure the safety of participants, especially if they are young. The prize could be anything from sweets to a new football or tickets to a game.

Scavenger Hunt

Fundraising Ideas For Work

Holding a fundraiser through your workplace is a brilliant way to improve colleague relationships, boost your company’s public image and, most importantly, raise money for a good cause. Whether the cause you are supporting is a charitable one or a project within your company, check out our fundraiser ideas for work for some event inspiration!

9. Fun Run

Organise a fun run around your local park or fields for employees, clients, and guests, who can find sponsors to donate towards the cause. One way to maximise donations is to ask participants to wear a funny costume: this will give everyone a good laugh, and people are more likely to contribute money if they see someone they know run around in a ridiculous getup! Remember to provide refreshments, as well as a prize for the winner. For more information on how to plan a fun run, take a look at Race Entry.

10. Bake Off Event

Everyone in the office can get involved with this one! Charge people to enter the competition and bring in some homemade baked goods on the event day. Ask a few volunteers to judge these home bakes based on aesthetics and taste. You could then offer a prize or gift voucher to the winner.

To maximise the amount of money raised from this event, you could even hold a bake sale after the competition or hold a ‘guess the weight of the cake’ competition alongside the main one, where participants donate to have their guess entered. The person whose guess is the closest to the actual weight of the cake gets to take it home.

Bake Off

Fundraising Events That Will Make A Mark

It is important to ensure that your planned fundraising event is unique and entertaining to people of a variety of ages so that you will be able to attract as many participants and donations as possible. We hope that our creative fundraiser ideas will help you to achieve this!

If you are looking for ways to add further interest to your event, why not head over to our services page for some inspiration? Having provided event entertainment, including photobooth hire in London for many years, our team have all the knowledge and skills required to recommend and provide services that will truly set your fundraiser event apart from others. Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

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