Now that life is finally returning to normality, and we have been given the go-ahead to begin celebrating in style, it’s all steam ahead with event planning. From belated birthday parties to finally being able to tie the knot in front of friends and family, there is plenty of making up to do!

If you are in the process of planning an event, we can be almost sure that you are eager to arrange the celebration of all celebrations, which means that fun entertainment will most definitely be in order. Throughout our many years of providing our interactive photobooths in London, we know that there is no better way to get your guests socialising and letting their hair down than through endless hours of booth fun. So, we’re going to run through our top photo booth ideas, so you are filled with inspiration ready to make your booking!

Photo Booth Ideas To Inspire Your Next Event!

Our London photobooth hire is the ideal entertainment for all manner of event types, whether it may be a wedding, birthday or corporate celebration. Not only are photo booths fantastic for capturing the occasion and bringing your guests together, but they offer the perfect keepsake, thanks to the unlimited printouts included in every package. Our clients have the freedom to customise their chosen photo booth as much or little as they wish, adding a touch of personality or tailoring the design to their branding. So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the options available, along with how each booth can be customised to your event:

Friends In Photobooth

Types Of Photo Booths

Having been lucky enough to attend hundreds of events, we have learnt that no two are the same, which is why we have devised a variety of photo booth packages. Depending on the size of your venue, the number of guests and the event theme, we can advise on which booth type is best suited to you. In the meantime, the different booths available with Harry & Edge include the following:

Classic Photo Booth

Able to be customised to complement your theme, our classic photo booth remains one of the most sought-after options. With its oval shape and either black or white shell, this versatile booth is excellent for both corporate events and those with friends and family.

The classic booth is the most traditional-style option, complete with a red carpet and braided ropes, along with a curtain. This means that it is best suited to those who have more room inside their venue to accommodate a larger booth, making it the main source of entertainment throughout the event. On the interior of the classic booth, there is a seat and screen offering many quirky background options to add a personalised touch to printouts.

Classic Photo Booth

Compact Photo Booth

For our clients with a smaller venue or one where there will be a larger footfall of guests passing by, we’d recommend our compact photo booth. This includes all of the fabulous features of the classic booth but in a more convenient size, allowing it to slot effortlessly into the design of your venue. Not only this, but as our compact booth does not require guests to go inside and sit down to take their snaps, far more people can squeeze into a single shot.

The beauty of our compact booth is that it couldn’t be easier to completely personalise the exterior. As the booth itself has a white gloss shell, you are free to add a customised skin in any colour or pattern you wish. A fantastic example of this is the compact booth we provided for the Cath Kidston store in London to celebrate their collaboration with Merci Maman, which we have pictured below, along with our booth at the Afro Hair & Beauty Live event!

Compact Booths At Events

GIF Photo Booth

Perfect for those who are looking forward to sharing their booth snaps on social media, the GIF photo booth allows guests to take a collection of fun photos and transform them into a moving image. As always, included in this package will be a host of props for guests to enjoy while using the photo booth, all of which can be tailored to the theme of your event. For example, we have an exclusive Christmas prop box, along with one for weddings and milestone birthdays, allowing guests to put their own twist on their booth snaps.

To give full access to all photos taken during your hire duration, we’ll also provide a USB stick with digital copies, so you can continue to make more GIFs for as long as you wish!

Mirror Photo Booth

If you like the idea of the compact booth but want something a little quirkier, then why not enquire about our mirror photo booth? With the appearance of a full-length mirror, the magic mirror booth interacts with your guests, encouraging them to strike a pose. It is one of our convenient freestanding booths, meaning that it can be placed in any spot of your venue, providing that there is an electricity supply nearby.

As our mirror booth is a touch screen, guests can pick different animations, layouts and other customisation options. The nature of the mirror design also means that larger groups can take photos at once, all of which will then be printed out instantly for guests to take a copy home.

Mirror Photo Booth

iPad Photo Booths

Our iPad photo booths are perfect if you are hoping to include more than one booth at your event but want to avoid using too much space. They are available as both freestanding and wall-mounted options, depending on where you plan to place them. There are three iPad booth options available, these are:

  • Slim Booth: A 10.5″ black iPad that is secured onto the wall and can be customised with a laser-cut fascia.
  • Ring Booth: Complete with LED lighting, this is also a 10.5″ iPad, but the colour can be personalised to your theme.
  • Gallery Booth: This booth is larger in size with a 12.9″ iPad and has a sleek white finish, complete with a silver or gold frame.

After the event, guests will be given access to our photo booth media app, where all of the snaps from your event will be stored. These can then be downloaded as photos or converted into fun GIFs.

iPad Booths

Hashtag Printing Booth

Offering a unique take on the concept of a photo booth, our hashtag printing booth uses the power of social media to print your guests chosen snaps. As opposed to standing in front or sitting inside a booth, this package allows guests to take photos or selfies from any spot inside your venue, then send their favourites to be printed. All they will need to do is upload the images they wish to print onto social media with their personalised event hashtag, then head over to the hashtag booth to collect their printouts.

The hashtag printing option is excellent for events with a larger number of guests as it means more than one group can take photos and get them printed at once, rather than having to queue and wait for their turn with the booth.

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    Booth Ideas For Different Events

    The possibilities when designing your booth package truly are endless, which is why photo booths continue to grow in popularity year upon year. We’ve had the pleasure of attending tonnes of quirky events across London, so we have picked up a host of wonderful ideas on how you can make any event your own!

    Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

    When planning your big day, you most definitely won’t be short for wedding photo booth ideas. Typically, our classic oval booth is the most popular option amongst our clients preparing to say their “I Do’s” as it has the much-loved, traditional booth feel. It also means that there is less pressure to arrange other entertainment as with every wedding we have attended, the booth has offered hours worth of entertainment with guests queuing up to take their turn.

    As with every booth, there are so many excellent ways that you can personalise your wedding hire package. We offer many additional extras to complete your package, such as a guest book which can be placed outside of your booth. This is a fabulous way to create a keepsake from your big day, where guests can attach one of their booth printouts and write a message for the newlyweds.

    Depending on your theme, we can also tailor printouts, props, backgrounds and the exterior of your booth to your theme. Some popular themes that can personalise your booth to complement include:

    • Winter Wonderland Theme
    • Vintage Chic Theme
    • Enchanted Garden Theme
    • Classic White Theme
    • Rustic Woodland Theme

    For more inspiration on beautiful wedding themes, take a look at Brides.

    Wedding Photo Booth

    Party Photo Booth Ideas

    After many months of lockdown and restrictions, we most definitely have a lot of celebrations to make up for. So whether you are planning a birthday party, bar mitzvah or any other party type, our photo booth hire is guaranteed to offer the perfect finishing touch.

    To ensure that your party runs smoothly, your hire package will always include a booth attendant who will attend your venue before the event to set up and will offer an extra pair of hands throughout the event. They will arrange any personalised features, such as attaching a covering to the exterior or setting up your personalised backgrounds, so everything is ready in time for your guests to arrive.

    A popular choice for many of our partygoers, especially those with younger guests attending, is to combine their booth hire with our digital graffiti wall in London. Our graffiti walls offer super interactive, creative entertainment, allowing guests to become graffiti artists for the day and create their own masterpieces. Built into the wall is an array of templates, special effects and stencils, making it ideal for all age groups. Once complete, all artwork can then be printed onto keepsakes such as mugs, tote bags, keyrings and much more!

    Photobooth and Graffiti Wall At Party

    Corporate Event Photo Booth Ideas

    Whether it may be a product launch, festive celebrations or an awards evening, our photo booths in London are perfect for all manner of corporate events, encouraging your guests to interact and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the complete versatility of our corporate packages, clients are free to customise every aspect of their booth to their logo and brand, even creating personalised printouts to continue advertisement after the event.

    Depending on the nature and scale of your corporate event, our team will happily advise which booth best fits the theme. For example, for product launches or events in-store, our compact booth is often the most popular choice as it takes up little room in the shop, and the exterior can be fitted with a skin that matches your branding. Our hashtag printing booth is also sought-after by businesses as guests must upload their snaps to social media with the event hashtag in order to print them, which increases brand exposure and encourages new followers. For more handy tips on how to use events to boost exposure, take a look at Billetto.

    If you are looking for inspiration on how our booths can be used for your corporate event, click through the following links to see just a handful of examples of past events we have attended:

    Booths At Corporate Event

    Photo Booth Prop Ideas

    As mentioned above, all of our booth packages are complete with a box filled with fun props to keep your guests entertained throughout your event. If you have a specific theme in mind or have seen photos of props that you wish to incorporate, then be sure to let us know when making your booking so we can tailor your prop box to match. Just some examples of the photo booth prop ideas you can include in your package include:

    • Hats
    • Glasses
    • Wigs
    • Feathered Boas
    • Whiteboard
    • Graphics On Dowels
    • Chalkboard
    • Speech Bubbles
    • Frames
    • Inflatable Props

    Prop Boxes

    Photo Booth Hire = Guaranteed Endless Entertainment

    Photo booths remain one of the most popular entertainments for all event types, and with so many customisation options, we can most definitely see why! Above, we have detailed just some of the ways that you can put a personalised twist on your package and ensure that it perfectly complements your event. If you are interested in discussing our packages further and how we can tailor your hire to you, we’d love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to get started!