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Digital Graffiti Wall Hire in London

Our digital wall hire in London is guaranteed to take centre stage at your event, providing the perfect fun and interactive entertainment for guests of all age groups!

Engage Your Guests With A Digital Graffiti Wall

Allow Guests To Create Customised Keepsakes

Our modern digital graffiti wall allows every guest to experience becoming an artist for the day, experimenting with innovative tools to create personalised pieces of artwork. Although guests will get their hands on what appears to be a real spray can, once pressed, instead of paint, the can will spray lights. The digital paint will appear on the screen, just as it would do so on a real wall. With a wide palette of colours to choose from, along with a host of new features such as animated stars, swirls, drip effect paint, and a variety of stencils, the graffiti wall promises hours of entertainment.

The beauty of our digital graffiti wall is that there are absolutely no limitations on who can unleash their inner artist, making it perfect for guests of all age groups. Once complete, each design is saved as a standard JPEG format, meaning it can not only be shared online but also printed directly onto souvenirs.

Entertainment Filled With Opportunities

Packages For Every Event Type

Every digital graffiti wall hire comes alongside a wealth of opportunities, making it an excellent way to engage guests in all manner of event types. Just some of the many uses of our digital graffiti wall include the following:

Feedback Wall – Our digital graffiti wall can double up as a feedback wall, where attendees can leave a message and express their opinions, which is ideal for corporate events.

Education – There is no better way to capture the interests of children, whether it be during an assembly or lesson, than with a fully interactive graffiti wall. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?

Brand Promotion – From showcasing newly launched products to making an impression with a catchy phrase, the digital graffiti wall is fully customisable, making it ideal for brand promotion.

Add A Personalised Touch With Live Event Printing

For One-Of-A-Kind Memorabilia

As mentioned above, every piece of artwork designed on our digital graffiti wall can be transformed into an item of your choice through our live event printing in London. We are all about offering fun, digital experiences that encourage visitors to get creative and think outside the box. We then translate those experiences and the output from them, into something special and tangible that guests can take away. Just some of the many items that we can print onto are:


The unique artwork created on our digital walls can be printed onto high-quality makeup bags, laptop bags and tote bags in under two minutes. The process uses dye sublimation to ensure the best results that will stand the test of time.

Baseball Caps

There is no better way to create a unique souvenir of your day than to transform your creation into a custom baseball cap. We stock a wide range of cap sizes and colours to ensure that every guest can create the perfect keepsake.


All of the mugs used for our live printing are pre-treated with a coating to ensure that once your design is printed, it will be protected and will not fade over time. Once guests have completed their design and chosen a background, mugs can be printed straight away.

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"We hired one of Harry & Edge’s digital graffiti walls as a feedback wall for a recent corporate event. It was great fun, everyone enjoyed themselves, and we’ll definitely use Harry & Edge’s services again. From start to finish this company was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with."