Perfect For Social Distanced Events

Hashtag Booth in London

Ideal for brands striving to increase their social following and brand awareness, our hashtag booth in London allows guests to take their own snaps and print them off in seconds!

Innovative Hashtag Printing

One-Of-A-Kind Entertainment

As a revolutionary way to capture every moment of your event, our hashtag printing in London adds the perfect twist of interactivity while working towards boosting your presence on social media. It is a fantastic way to encourage guests to socialise with one another, keeping them entertained throughout the duration of your event.

The beauty of a hashtag booth is that as its purpose is solely to print photos, it comes in a super-compact, convenient size. There is no need to allocate a large amount of space to accommodate a full booth as the printer can be tucked into any corner of your venue. You’ll also be able to set up additional features such as tracking, which will monitor data such as the number of prints, public reach, interactions and hashtag growth; all of which will be compiled into an analytic report at the end of your event.

How Does The Hashtag Booth Work?

Creating Keepsakes Made Easy

When using the hashtag booth, guests are free to take full advantage of unlimited printouts, ensuring that they can take fun snaps of every moment of your event. The printouts itself can be personalised to fit with your theme or branding, adding an extra special twist to your overall experience. Using the booth is also super easy with just a three-step process required to print photos in a matter of sections, including the following:

Step 1

Take The Snap

First, guests will need to take the perfect photo at your event using their smartphone, tablet or any other device.

Step 2

Upload With The Hashtag

Next, guests will upload their photos on either Instagram or Twitter accompanied by your customised event hashtag.

Step 3

Print The Photo

All that’s left is for guests to head over to the hashtag booth and print off their tagged photos which can be taken home with them.

What Our Customers Say

Sharing Wonderful Client Feedback

What An Excellent Idea!

"We absolutely loved the hashtag printer at our product launch event! It’s such a fantastic way to encourage attendees to relax and have some fun. And even better, it helped us to gain tonnes of followers on both Instagram and Twitter, which gave our brand the boost that it needed!"