What We Did:

On the 4th July 2018, we supplied our Digital Graffiti Wall for a large UKTV event at The Roundhouse in London. There was a number of experimental activities going on in the venue during the event, but we were specifically asked to feature in the supercar customising area. We set up the Digital Graffiti Wall displaying a template of a Lamborghini allowing guests to customise their own version of the car.

Alongside the Digital Graffiti Wall, we also had an artist who graffitied one of the venue’s internal walls. The wall was covered in a canvas wrap, and the artist used graffiti pens to draw the design onto the designated space. In-depth evidence of the design can be seen in the images and videos below.

Our team set up the graffiti wall in the garage area around 1 pm with the event starting at 5 pm and finished around 12 am.