What We Did:

As it is starting to feel like we can see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, Harry & Edge is more excited than ever to start thinking about all the new projects and events that will be taking place towards the end of the year and into 2021. However, for now, we have been having so much fun looking back at the unique, creative and memorable events that the Harry & Edge team have worked on over the years.

One event that springs to mind was the release of the brand new Ford Fiesta, which featured our innovative and creative Digital Graffiti Wall. The client came to us here at Harry & Edge requesting to have a big impact, showcase their new product and draw attention to the event. Immediately, the team thought that the digital graffiti wall would be the perfect addition, with its ability to show off the brands image and message while creating a buzz for the new product that they were launching.

The great thing about the digital graffiti wall is that the client is able to fully customise their experience, adding their logo into the design and print outs for fun and creative memorability. Guests are encouraged to engage with the experience by using spray cans, stencils and templates to create a masterpiece on a large screen. This piece of art can then be printed onto various different objects, along with a logo or personal message.

As you can see from the photos snapped during the event, the digital graffiti wall was a massive hit with both clients and the Ford team. The client was extremely happy with their entertainment, and loved how the centre of attention was immediately drawn to the new vehicle.

If you are looking for event entertainment ideas, whether it be a product launch or wedding, then please feel free to contact the team for more information!