What We Did:

For two days in June, a client of ours hired out our Digital Graffiti Wall for a Sky VIP Event. The events took place in Shepherds Bush and Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays from 11-4pm each day.

The event was a free screening of the new movie ‘Patrick’ in a converted arctic truck for Sky VIP customers. There were three screenings of the film each day with 80 customers attending each session. Before the session started the guests were invited to take part in free activities including use of our Digital Graffiti Wall.

On the graffiti wall featured an image from the film which helped to provide guests with a starting point for their graffiti design. There was a free coffee machine offering pug themed drinks and onsite pugs to play with.

Overall, we printed almost 500 shirts, 250 on both days, each with the individual guest’s digital graffiti artwork printed on the front and 500 dog tags. Take a look below to see the event set up and the videos of the printing process.