Event catering is often used at family parties, weddings, corporate events and even birthday parties.

What Is Event Catering?

Event catering is provided by external businesses that specialise in the professional preparation of food. Event catering is widely available ranging from deserts to barbecue food and even speciality dishes like paella and Chinese. The wide variety of event caterers and cuisines make it easy to pick a vendor for your type of event.

You can decide whether you want to be fun and quirky by hiring a DIY ice cream bar that allows you to create and combine your own flavours, or candyfloss caterers. Or for more formal and longer events you need something more filling and professional like hand prepared burgers or larger-scale food dishes that are going to keep your guests full and satisfied for the remainder of your event. So if you’re hosting an event or special occasion soon and can’t decide whether or not you want to use catering services Northampton, then keep reading as we’ve listed some of the top benefits of using event catering.

Make Your Day Stress Free

The thing that everyone hosting an event suffers with; unfortunately, stress is tough to avoid when organising your own event. No matter the size or how far away your event is, there are always going to things that don’t always go your way and cause additive stress to yourself. Large-scale events where all eyes are on you, for example, your wedding day can be very stressful. Which is where event catering comes in, event catering puts the pressure on somebody else.

A lot of people are very particular about what they will and won’t eat, and a lot of people have very niche tastes and can be fussy. By preparing food yourself, you risk the chance of criticism and preparing food that is not suited to everybody’s preference’s as it can be hard to decide on one dish that is going to be liked by everybody at your event – especially if serving hot food. Event catering takes away the pressure; they also have set menus to look at before to decide or not and discuss with your guests if they are happy with everything on the menu. This way you can receive feedback and find out who likes what beforehand so there will be no mishaps on the day of your event.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Preparing Food To Suit Dietary Requirements

A lot of event catering companies have a set menu that features dishes suited to everybody and meets all dietary requirements. More often than not, food companies usually have a variety of items on their menu that include vegetarian options, as well as vegan and gluten-free dishes. Here at The Rub we also supply dishes that meet the dietary requirements of both religious reasonings, as well as things such as nut allergies and more.

If you choose to prepare food yourself for your event, you’re going to have to take extensive precautions to ensure that all things are kept separate and prepared in a sanitised environment to avoid making a mistake with a guests dietary requirement needs.

chef cooking food at event

Enjoy Your Own Event

In the case of something like your own wedding, you want to be able to enjoy your special day – as it’s all about you! And by worrying about the food and everybody eating on the day, you are just going to wear yourself out. Wedding catering Aylesbury is affordable and allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy some delicious food on your big day.

The last thing you want is having the hassle of preparing food before your wedding, or even on the day and causing added stress to yourself on an already stressful day.

Have A Variety Of Food

Everybody loves choice, by offering your guests a platter of delicious dishes they’re going to be spoilt for choice. Offering a variety of different cuisines, we can provide you with a mixture of Mediterranean, Indian and Hawaiian dishes to give your guests the opportunity to try some delicious authentic cuisines from around the world. As well as this we provide our signature BBQ style hand prepared wood smoked meats, available in the forms of pulled pork burgers, ribs and much more!

So to give your guests the choice of what they want to eat, and mix and match we would recommend event catering for your next event.

food prepared in silver trays

Look After Your Guests

Nothing shows appreciation of your guests attendance than looking after them well, by providing your guests with delicious free food they are going to be extremely appreciative. It shows that you’ve taken the time to think about their requirements and keeps them energised and ready for the day ahead. They’ve made an effort to attend your event, and by preparing them food is like your token of appreciation, plus you get to eat the food yourself!

Find Affordable Package Deals

Most event catering companies offer set menus, or have menus better suited for large-scale events. They usually offer package deals on these to save you money and to make payment methods easier; package deals often cover a certain amount of people with a set amount of dishes or servings so that you can find a price and package suited to your event size and save money.

As well as this it’s unlikely that you will have to pay for your event catering upfront, so you don’t have to worry about any bulk payments. More often than not event catering companies will ask for a percentage of the total payment in the form of a deposit to secure your date. After this, you can have a discussion to decide on instalment monthly payments, or whether you would like to pay for your event catering upfront.

food prepared on table at event

Book Your Event Catering Today

So if you have an event coming up soon, why not book event catering to make your day run smoother? For more information on our menus and services, please take a look at the menu on our website today or contact us. We hope this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?