More often than not, many people don’t fully understand the job description of a professional event decorator. What people forget about is that there is much more to the job than flower arranging and hanging up fairy lights. This job requires a much more difficult task; coordination. This article will run through an in-depth job description, what you’ll need to learn before becoming an event decoratorand then how to expand your knowledge and services.

Becoming an Event Decorator: Job Description

The event decorator is responsible for the overall atmosphere of the venue and the general event. This goes beyond the simple decorations you have selected. As an event decorator, you have to put yourself in the place of the guest to find out how the venue will affect the overall experience. This will also impact on how your guests will remember the event, and obviously, you need this to be positive.

Although this job requires a high level of natural creativity and an expert eye for colour, you’ll also need to be a master in coordination and planning. You need to be able to bring your clients’ visions to life. In order to successfully achieve the overall mood, each design element you have selected must cohere with the agreed theme. Although it is vital to think logistically, your client’s goals and visions must be considered throughout the course of consultations.

Nevertheless, the toughest task of the job will be executing an event that balances the interests of both your client and the suppliers. Although the client’s goal should be paramount, you must take into consideration the relationship you have with your suppliers. So, now that you understand more about the job role, it is valuable to know what you will need to learn in order to excel at your job.

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What you need to learn

Without proper training you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage, so we highly recommend investing in a professional event decorator certification. This will provide you with a necessary foundation of technical skills whilst allowing you to reach the higher salary brackets. Above all though, the course will teach you how to effectively work closely with both your clients, suppliers and other professionals. Learning the professional skills to achieve this is a fundamental part of your job. Take a look into some courses that QC Event planning offers.

In order to bring your clients’ visions to reality, will also need to learn how to communicate their desires and requirements in a professional. However, to do this, you need to be aware of how each decor element will affect the atmosphere of the event. As part of your job, you will need to oversee several different design elements; the lighting, florals, table decor, wall decor and centrepieces.

Through professional standard training, you will learn how to liaise confidently with your suppliers to achieve exactly what your client is looking for. Your supplier won’t be able to deliver what you are in need of if you haven’t communicated correctly. It is more valuable to be over-explicit when you are conveying the style of the event decor in order to achieve it. Even if your suppliers do not have exactly what you are looking for, they will be able to pitch something similar if you have given them enough information.

You also need to remember that you are the central point for your suppliers, only you possess the logistical information about the arrangements you’ve made. Your variety of suppliers won’t be in contact with each other. These suppliers will be relying on you to specify how much you need of everything. Through professional-standard training and more experience within working practices, you’ll figure out exactly what you’ll need to learn. However, it is always valuable to take up opportunities to expand your event services.

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Expanding your services as an event decorator

There will come a point in your career as an event decorator where you’ll have two main pathways available to you – if you decide to grow your business. The more decorating you do, the more you will realise which aspect of event planning you prefer and particularly enjoy. Here are two examples of how you can develop your career.

Become a full-service event and wedding planner

As part of the responsibilities of an event decorator, you’ll already be managing a variety of different suppliers for big events. However, when it comes to event and wedding planning, your duties will expand to also coordinating the external vendors. This will require you to obtain the best vendors that stick to your client’s budget and are in line with the style and atmosphere of the event. For weddings and luxury events, you may have to look into different vendors who supply vital event components such as photobooths London, catering and photographers. Make sure to look around for the company who offers the most professional service for the best price.

This job goes beyond the logistics of decor. You will also be working much more closely with your client in order to achieve their visions; more of the responsibilities and preparations will be left to you. Nevertheless, if you feel this isn’t for you, there is another alternative.

Become a decor supplier and coordinator

If you have found that you simply really enjoy arranging the table centrepieces and focusing on the finer details that contribute to the overall atmosphere of an event, then this is more the job for you. Not only will you be coordinating the suppliers, but you’ll also be hiring more hands to help you with the actual decorating. Being a supplier means you’ll also need to stock your own event decor. This gives you far more freedom on what you can offer your clients.

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Throughout your career as an event decorator, you’ll be required to develop relationships with a variety of vendors. Combining a positive approach to new vendors and the maintenance of good relationships with previous vendors with strong professional training and an abundance of creativity will get you extremely far in this job role. If you have found this article useful, please feel free to share it on your social media.