If you have a 2019 wedding planned, then it is essential to be aware of this year’s top trends. From the decor and venue to the evening entertainment and reception food, here are the predicted wedding trends for 2019.

The Top Wedding Trends for 2019

For your big day to stand out, you need to be aware of which colour schemes, entertainment ideas and bridal flowers are most prevalent this year. With two royal marriages in 2018, some aspects of these weddings have highly influenced the trends for this year. From minimalistic wedding decor to traditional barn venues, here is what 2019 has to offer for wedding inspiration.

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Your chosen wedding venue will have a considerable impact on the overall atmosphere created throughout your wedding. So it is essential that this vital component is given some consideration. Depending on the type of wedding day you are looking to achieve, we have found three different types of wedding venues that are predicted to be popular this year.


While barn weddings are not a new wedding venue trend, it has become a popular trend, this year, to effectively revolutionise the traditional look of a barn venue. 2019 has seen the rise of more minimalistic barn weddings. The incorporation of wildflowers, green foliage and candle-lit lanterns has to become increasingly popular. For a less rustic and natural feel to your wedding, why not contrast more modern finishes to the barn? Include the addition of contemporary decor and elegant lighting to your venue, such as fairy lights, to juxtapose against the barn’s traditional architecture. Here is a list of some stunning barn wedding venues across the country on the ‘Hitched’ website.

Industrial Spaces

If you are looking for a more modern alternative to a barn, then 2019 is the year to host your wedding in an industrial building. However, with this type of venue, you are majorly subjecting yourself to go above and beyond when it comes to decor. If the venue lacks eye-catching decor, pretty flowers or tasteful lighting, then your wedding will just look unfinished and simply unimpressive. To ensure this does not happen to you, it is essential that the decor makes up for what the venue lacks.

We suggest going down the route of a ‘rustic theme’ to your industrial space. You can incorporate contemporary pieces of furniture, such as tables and chairs, but with the addition of simple greenery and rich florals. When you are looking for venues, make sure to opt for one with adequate sized windows to allow the sunshine in.

Outdoor Weddings

Our last wedding venue trend for 2019, is the boho-themed outdoor ceremony. If this is the type of wedding venue that you have been convinced by, then we highly suggest a summer wedding where there is less of a chance of mud and rain. If we experience a summer anything like 2018’s glorious weather, then this is the perfect venue trend to imitate.

Bohemian-style teepees have become more popular, especially over 2018, and is a trend that is set to continue throughout 2019. This nature-inspired venue is perfect for incorporating the outdoors into your big day, allowing you to celebrate in the sunshine. As the daytime turns into evening, transform one area of the teepee into a dance floor and let your guests dance till the early hours. The Natural Wedding Company includes an extensive list of some of the best wedding teepees, tents and yurts to hire.



2019 sees the departure from traditional white and cream wedding colours schemes and the adoption of coral colours. Reds, pinks and oranges are predicted to take a starring role in everything from the napkins to the floral arrangements. These sunny colours are the perfect tones to complement a summer wedding.

It has been said that too much white at a wedding can appear overly clinical. So, if you’re not a fan of the coral colour scheme but are looking to avoid the heavy use of bright whites, incorporate nudes, blushes and light blues into your event decor.

Plastic-Free Wedding Decorations

Inspired by both the royal weddings last year and the need to be more environmentally conscious, more couples are looking for ways to incorporate plastic-free decorations into their wedding. Sustainability has become more than just a fashion trend; the wedding industry is switching to more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as plastic straws and linen napkins.

You can follow in the footsteps of Princess Eugenie and opt for a zero-waste and plastic-free wedding. The rise in eco-friendly weddings is seeing the development of organic menus, minimal plastic use and the replanting of bridal flowers. Here is a whole guide on how to organise and execute the perfect eco-friendly wedding.

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Wedding Flowers

As we mentioned before, with the rise of pale pink and coral colour schemes, many couples are opting for brightly coloured garden roses, peonies and sweet peas over classic white blooms. This goes for both the table decorations, the bridal bouquet and any floral installations.

Peonies are a versatile and timeless wedding flower that is most commonly used in the bridal bouquet. The season for peonies starts in April/May time and doesn’t end until late June; they are the perfect flower for a late spring/early summer wedding. If you’re thinking of a holding your wedding later on in the year, then garden roses are the perfect replacement.

Garden roses reinforce a high end feel to any wedding, which is why they’re set to be popular in 2019. These roses typically come in a variety of shades, guaranteed to suit whatever colour scheme you opt for. However, because these roses are less disease resistant to some of the more commercially grown roses, they’re harder to grow and are more expensive to purchase.

For an equally beautiful, but less expensive alternative to garden roses, why not look into the addition of British wildflowers at your wedding. They provide a much more relaxed feel to any table decoration or floral instalment. Not only are these homegrown flowers a beautiful addition to any bouquet, but they are also largely attainable from small local based florists


Now that you have settled on your venue, colour scheme, event decor and choice of flowers, you can look into the ways in which you can entertain your guests. Entertainment plays an important part of your wedding and will have a considerable impact on how much your guests enjoy the overall day. We have found several methods of entertainment that are guaranteed to keep your guests amused throughout the night. Here is what 2019 has to offer in terms of unique entertainment.

Mirror Photobooths

Mirror photo booth have become increasingly popular over the last year or two. They are a fairly new invention and are successful replacements for the considerably sized traditional photo booths. The Mirror Photo Booth requires minimal space in your venue but is guaranteed to produce high-quality photos available within 30 seconds that your guests can treasure. The elegant design of these photo booths also means they are likely to fit in with the style and character of your wedding decor. These devices are a fun addition to any wedding.

Singing Waiters

A guaranteed way to entertain your guests whilst they are waiting in between courses is to hire a brigade of professional signing waiters. It is essential that you keep this entertainment feature a secret from the majority of your guests. By doing so, they won’t expect it and will be far more impressed. For professional and theatre trained signers, hire your group of singing waiters from The Secret Singers company.


When it comes to feeding your guests, many wedding couples are becoming more inventive with the menus and steering away from the more traditional options. For smaller and more intimate weddings, a sit-down meal is the most suitable dining option. However, for large-scale weddings, buffet-style dining is becoming more popular, particularly in 2019.

You may want to consider the addition of different food stations such as seafood and sushi bars, taco stands, and woodfired pizza stations. It has also become the norm to feed all of your guests again later on in the evening. The arrival of a hog roast van is an assured way of keeping your guests happy and fed.

For late night sweet treats, we suggest the addition of a dessert table. Make sure to include a variety of cakes, puddings, doughnuts and possibly the addition of a chocolate fountain. You could also consider hiring a waffle cart to arrive at the same time as the hog roast van; this will provide your guests with the option between a sweet or savoury midnight feast. Alternatively, to keep any children (and adults) amused during the daytime, why not book an ice cream van? Hopefully, the catering ideas we have suggested above have inspired your taste buds and you’re now full of ideas on ways to entertain your guests with luxury edibles.

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We hope this article has been a beneficial source of inspiration and has accurately updated you on all of 2019’s wedding trends. For more information on how Harry & Edge can provide luxury entertainment at your wedding, get in touch with us today. If you have found the information contained in this article to be useful, please feel free to share it on your social media for others to read.