Once the all-important vows have been exchanged, and it’s time to celebrate as one big family, you want to finish the day perfectly with a delicious meal. Knowing the top wedding food trends will ensure your wedding is a success and allows you to steer away from the traditional three-course sit down meal, making your day all the more special and unique.

Wedding food trends perfect for the special occasion

No wedding day is complete without a selection of mouth-watering food for you and your guests to enjoy. While formal dining is the most common food arrangement at a wedding, new trends have introduced a quirky element to wedding food which are guaranteed to make the day even more memorable. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a three-course sit down meal, if you want to make your wedding more personalised, the food you serve is an excellent way to do so. From edible displays to street food vans, you can break through the boundaries of a traditional wedding meal and serve food you know will go down a treat.

As we approach 2020, you’ll notice the days of set menus are long gone, and innovative alternatives such as personalised edible favours and late-night foods are taking over. Ideally, you want your food to provide as much enjoyment and entertainment as the rest of the evening, so incorporating unconventional food stations such as a popcorn machine or candy floss cart will definitely make your wedding one of the most talked-about occasions of the year. So, without further delay, here are our top wedding food trends you should consider using at your wedding.

Edible displays

Edible displays really bring the wow factor to any event and are guaranteed to make an eye-catching centrepiece. One of the most popular displays many people choose to have at their wedding is our fruit palm tree. Filled with a selection of succulent pieces of fruit, this nutritious creation will be freshly prepared on the day of your wedding to guarantee a mouthwatering taste. With a variety of tropical fruits to choose from, the display will be made up entirely of your preferred fruit, so you do not have to worry about anything going to waste. Each palm tree features approximately 500 pieces of fresh fruit, making it the perfect addition for both small and big weddings.

As well as being utterly delicious, edible displays are also a great way to get your guests to mingle as they naturally become a talking point and an interactive spot to gravitate towards. If you really want to get your guests talking and familiarising themselves with their new family members, we recommend having a doughnut wall at your special event. So many newlyweds love this popular phenomenon as it is an interesting alternative to a standard wedding cake and gets guests out of their seats to collect their tasty treat. If you aren’t a fan of doughnuts, then don’t worry as there’s a whole host of edible displays you can have at your wedding, such as macaroon towers and cupcake bouquets.

Edible wedding favours

Showing your guests you appreciate their company on your big day is of utmost importance, so taking the time to think of creative wedding favours should definitely be on your to-do list. The great thing about edible wedding favours is that even the personalised options are very budget-friendly, so they can be given to guests alongside other, longer-lasting, gifts such as a soundtrack of your wedding playlist or a photobooth picture taken throughout the night.

One of our favourite edible wedding favours are personalised fortune cookies. We love this idea as you and your significant other can work together to come up with creative messages to put inside each cookie. You could put the wedding date and your names to give guests a little keepsake that will always remind them of the day. Or, you could fill each cookie with some of yours and your partner’s favourite love quotes to add more romance to the day. Mini chocolate bars, fudge and mini gumball machines are all also very popular edible wedding favours that promise to impress your guests.

mini burgers

Street food

Street food has slowly made its way into wedding venues up and down the country, and we aren’t complaining! The authentic and flavoursome taste of street food is hard to beat, so why bother when you can you simply bring it to the wedding with you. Many street food catering services offer wedding packages which will attend for your main lunch or evening reception.

As well as being undeniably tasty, street food is a great way to make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. As opposed to a classic wedding dinner, serving street food allows your guests to help themselves as and when they please, without forcing them to sit around a table with people they don’t know. Street food is also somewhat cheaper than a sit-down meal, so you can enjoy bold, exciting flavours and high-quality ingredients for a fraction of the cost. To help narrow your search down from the hundreds of street food vans available for wedding hire, we have devised a list of the most popular options depending on what kind of food you prefer:

Grazing tables

Grazing tables are arguably the most popular wedding food trends as they attract attention for all the right reasons. A grazing table, if you didn’t already know, is typically a table full of savoury treats and other small snacks. Not to be confused with a buffet, grazing tables encourages you and your guests to keep coming back for more – eating small nibbles here and there as opposed to filling a plate to create an entire meal. When on display, the abundance of food looks amazing and will make you want to tuck in as soon as you set eyes on the table. The concept of a grazing table is to fill the space with finger food that can be kept at room temperature for a period of time. This is perfect for a wedding as it means you and your guests can continue to eat throughout the day and evening without having to worry about the food going bad.

The versatility of grazing tables means you can use yours post-ceremony, during cocktail hour, or as a unique sharing ‘starter’ to the wedding breakfast. Knowing what you should include on your grazing table can be quite difficult as the possibilities really are endless. Attempting to cater to everyone’s preferences can be quite the task, but yet another benefit of grazing tables is that you can have more than one at your wedding. Each grazing table can have its own theme of food so you can guarantee there will be something for everyone. Cheese and charcuterie tend to be the all-stars of a grazing board, but you do not have to limit yourself to just these. Many grazing tables will also feature the following:

  • A selection of breads
  • Dips
  • Raw vegetables
  • Fresh/dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Bite-sized sandwhiches

If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, you could even make a dessert grazing table filled with cakes, cookies and a chocolate fountain.

outdoor wedding

Outdoor BBQs

For the ultimate relaxed vibe at your wedding, you should consider serving your food in the form of an outdoor BBQ. An outdoor BBQ is ideal for weddings as it allows you and all of your friends and family to gather under the stars and enjoy a tranquil atmosphere, while enjoying the food you know everyone loves. You can find a number of useful wedding BBQ ideas here, but of course, like any of the other trends we have mentioned, the food you serve is entirely your choice. To make the outdoor BBQ even more magical, we highly recommend hiring a teepee, decorating the area with fairy lights and having baskets of blankets dotted around the place to keep your guests cosy if it gets a little chilly in the evening.

Food for the soul

We hope our guide to the top wedding food trends for 2020 has inspired you and given you an idea of what food you want to serve on the big day. No matter what food you eat on the day, we are confident your wedding will be a success, filled with memorable moments, emotional speeches and funny dance moves.