Fashion pop up events are an excellent way to test out new a demographic, engage with consumers and generate brand awareness. Pop up shops have increased in popularity in recent years, with many small retailers and independent brands using the concept to access prime retail spaces for a fraction of the cost. So, if you are looking to maximise your brand’s exposure and make a lasting impact from a short timescale, follow our top tips below.

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The best ways to make fashion pop up events a success

The fashion world is constantly evolving, and trending styles and concepts can change overnight. So, in order for your all-important fashion pop up event to be a success, you need to be able to adapt quickly. Luckily, the flexibility of a pop up shop allows you to do just this as you can move with your target audience, trial new product lines and create a completely unique experience for consumers. Many well established retailers use pop up shops as part of their marketing strategy to successfully narrate a brand story and add a revenue stream, but there are a whole host of other benefits. Pop up events are undeniably great for your business, and this was proven when Surfdome launched its first ever pop up event in 2014. Located in the thriving district of Old Street in London, the shop was filled with surf lifestyle accessories along with hosted yoga classes and acoustic gigs. It is safe to say that the shop perfectly captured London’s summer spirit, which led to the brand being featured in major publications and selling out for all their events.

Connecting with customers on a more intimate level with a pop up shop is definitely worthwhile, so follow our useful tips which will aid you in planning the pop up event of the year.

Do your research and get inspired

There have been a countless number of fashion pop up events all over the world, but some make more of a lasting impression than others. For your next event to resonate in the minds of consumers for years to come, why not take inspiration from previous pop up shops which used innovative design and quirky concepts to enhance their brand image. Here are some of our favourites:


Australian brand Arnsdorf made its mark on the fashion industry when its pop up retail space was decorated using 154 pairs of neutral-colored tights. The intimate setting was inspired by crystalline forms and imagery of rocky landscapes – which is highlighted by the cave-like interior. Despite being open for only three days, the pop up store gained a lot of attention and remains to be one of the most impressive and innovatively designed fashion events in Australia.

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Knit for you by Adidas

Enticing consumers with the promise of creating their very own bespoke garment, the Adidas knit for you event gave those in attendance a taste of the future high-street retail experience. Having arrived at the shop, each individual entered a dark room where an array of patterns were projected onto their chest. To change the design, all you had to do was swipe your hand and browse through the options. After having a full-body scan, it was then time to hit the print button and watch your custom jumper come to life before your eyes. The concept evolves from the current retail model ‘see it, buy it’ to ‘think it, test it, make it, buy it’.

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Originals x Alexander Wang

As a way to creatively unveil their collaborative apparel and footwear collection, Alexander Wang and Adidas Originals took to the streets of New York in a pop up truck. Those participating were challenged to catch the branded truck at one of its stops across the city so they could get their hands on a nine-piece capsule collection. What made this initiative so memorable is its purposeful tongue-in-cheek take on the reseller market, leaks and fakes. The products were bagged in anonymous black bin liners or concealed in plastic.

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Find the right space

The location of your pop up event will determine how much of a success it is. A pop up store in a rural area filled with people who are not part of your target market will not be beneficial to your brand at all. However, hosting an event in the centre of a busy city will attract more consumers and increase your sales. When checking out potential locations, you should think about the goals you want to achieve and decide which space is most likely to help you produce the results you are after. Some of your options include:

Space within another shop

If you are hoping to attract a specific set of customers, a pop up shop within an existing retail store is an excellent way to reach a relevant audience. This location is best if you are working with a small budget and do not require an excessively large space for your products.

Shopping centre

People wandering around a shopping centre will most likely be in a “ready to buy” mindset, making it an ideal location for a pop up event. What attracts many brands to host their event in a shopping centre is the various internal locations you can choose. For example, you could either rent a kiosk or booth in the centre’s central zone, or set up in a vacant retail space that has been dormant, for a limited time. Shopping centres are ideal if you have a lot of products you wish to display and prefer to have a standalone selling space which you do not have to share.


Places with high foot traffic are great for bringing a lot of potential buyers right by your pop up’s location. With this option, you have more freedom to add an experience element rather than limiting yourself to just a shop. For a fashion event, an appropriate hands-on activity you could incorporate is a dressing room and photo booth. After changing into your brand’s clothing, those attending the event can use a photo booth to capture the finished look and keep their printout strip – ensuring your event makes a lasting impression. With our photo booth hire in London, you can choose the most appropriate package for your event, giving consumers the ultimate opportunity to connect with your brand.

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Promote the event

Pop up events do not normally last long at all (typically just a few days), so promotion is key to getting as many people as possible to attend in such a short space of time. There are various ways in which you can promote your event, some of the most effective methods are:


Creatively designed flyers provide great visual impact that promises to get the attention of consumers. Your flyer should include key event information such as date, time and location along with a small description of the event/your brand. Although it can be time consuming, distributing a large amount of flyers can really help reach a wider audience. Ways in which you can disperse your flyers are:

  • Door to door mail drop
  • Newspaper insert
  • Street distribution
  • In-store distribution

Press release

If you aren’t already clued up on effective marketing strategies, then you may not know what a press release actually is. Put simply, a press release is an official written statement that details specific, but brief, information of an upcoming event, new product line or other happening. This statement is then given to the media for promotional purposes. A press release will provide your fashion pop up event with instant exposure and increases sales potential.

Social media

There is no denying that we live in a world completely captivated by the wonders of social media. With so many platforms to utilise, it’s easy to promote your events to thousands of people in just a matter of seconds. Here are some ideas of how you can use social media to promote your event:

  • DM Instagram influencers and ask if they would be interested in attending your event (you could offer them free clothing as an incentive which they could then potentially share on their own page!)
  • Post Snapchat stories of the preparations leading up to the event, e.g. setting up the store or a sneak peek of exclusive products available at the event
  • Make a dedicated events page on Facebook
  • Create a hashtag for the event and encourage consumers to use this when captioning their Instagram posts

Using our graffiti wall hire in London, you can entice consumers into your event with an attractive and inviting display. Allowing people to get creative and design the backdrop themselves will encourage them to share their masterpiece on social media. Alternatively, you can create a brand-centred wall featuring your logo and slogan which those in attendance can have their picture taken in front of. This way, your brand will feature in of all the pictures uploaded onto social media.

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Hosting the fashion pop up event of the year

We hope our tips have given you the inspiration you need to host the ultimate fashion pop up event. By selecting the perfect location, implementing effective promotional methods and, most importantly, enjoying the entire experience, you can feel confident that your event will be the most highly anticipated event of the year.