Launching a new brand, product or service is an incredibly exciting milestone. After months of meticulous planning and dreaming of showcasing your idea to the world, it often seems as if your brand launch day cannot come soon enough. To ensure that you begixn your new business venture on a high and guarantee success, we have put together a guide to six fantastic brand launch ideas!

Effective Brand Launch Ideas

Before beginning to plan your brand launch, it is vital to spend time identifying your target audience. Without a niche group of individuals to target, it can be easy to fall into the “snowball effect” of many ideas that do not necessarily have a direction. In pinpointing those who you will focus your efforts on, you can then create a bespoke campaign tailored around their requirements; therefore, increasing traffic and conversions. Once you have highlighted those who you wish to attract, you can then begin shortlisting ideas, starting with the following:

An Experience

One of the most effective ways to draw attention to your new brand, raise awareness and make a statement is through providing an experience. An experience, regardless of the scale, is ideal for creating memories that stick in the minds of attendees. Each time they spot your product or service, they will refer back to the experience that they shared with your brand; therefore, creating an impression from the initial stages.

The experience that you create for your target audience must relate to your key selling points, encapsulating the message that you would like to portray from your brand. Particularly as a new business, this can be a make or break scenario, which means it is imperative that the experience is well-executed. Spend time brainstorming ideas to decide as to whether you would like to arrange an interactive activity which is placed in a public area or hire a private venue for an invite-only event.

Every experience must involve entertainment which draws your target audience in, ideally something that they can get involved in, allowing them to socialise with the brand. A digital graffiti wall is an innovative, interactive way to encourage your target audience to get creative. Walls can be set up either in a public location or private venue based on where you will host your experience. Guests are free to utilise a host of digital tools such as stencils and animated images to create their design. You can then provide them with the opportunity to print their creation onto t-shirts, mugs, keyrings and even phone cases, which when also equipped with your branding, will give them a keepsake to remember your company.

Giveaways & Competitions

Everyone loves a freebie, which makes giveaways and competitions a popular brand launch technique. Opting to run a giveaway in the lead-up to your launch is a sure way to create a buzz around your brand, particularly if you are aiming to boost your social following. It also allows you to connect with potential customers or clients, enabling you to keep track of those you intend to remarket to. If they took the time to enter your competition, then it is an accurate indication that they must be interested in your brands potential.

When considering a giveaway, we suggest opting for online methods as opposed to the traditional pen and paper method. Running a competition online will prove considerably cheaper, which is an ideal trait for a new business. The channels will be free to use; then it will be your choice how much budget you want to set aside to promote the post. Remember, the higher the budget, the more coverage your post will receive.

To encourage as many participants as possible, aim to make your competition as straightforward as possible to enter. Some of the most common strategies include the following:

  • Like and/or comment to win
  • Share or retweet to enter
  • Tag a friend(s)
  • “Caption this” – best caption wins
  • Vote to win
  • Answer the question correctly to enter

It is imperative, when running a competition, to remember to add terms and conditions to every post. Terms and conditions protect your business, ensuring that you do not receive any complaints based on inaccurate advertising. Always included must be a deadline date, rules of the competition and the number of entrants per person. For more tips on how to successfully launch a social media competition, take a look at Hootsuite.

Social media competition example

Photo Credit: Cyber Camps

Social Media Campaign

According to research by The London School of Economics & Political Science, over 2.89 billion people are now active social media users. Facebook is arguably the most popular channel with a huge 2 billion users, shortly followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. With this in mind, it is now more important than ever to utilise social media to your advantage, particularly as a new business.

To plan a successful social media campaign, it is vital to spend time familiarising yourself with your target market. For instance, those who operate on a B2B level would be best suited to LinkedIn, whereas brands who focus on the younger generation should consider Instagram and Twitter. Use platforms where your customer or client profile are more likely to interact with you, whether this may be through sharing posts, following your page or entering your competition.

A hugely popular example of effective social media marketing is the Dove ‘Self-Esteem’ campaign. Dove has been established for more than 15 years and has become a household name, which means that unique campaigns are vital in keeping the brand current. Their ‘Self-Esteem’ campaign was based on promoting self-love, encouraging social media users to post photos showcasing their natural beauty, using the hashtags #RealBeauty, #NoLikesNeeded, and #SpeakBeautiful. On just one video alone, Dove received more than 2 million views, 103,000 likes and 9,500 comments!

For more excellent examples of social media campaigns that have made a statement, take a look at Jose Angelo Studios.

Dove self-esteem campaign

Photo Credit: StarNow

Influencer Collaboration

Influencer campaigns continue to grow in popularity thanks to their ability to integrate traditional celebrity endorsements with modern marketing techniques. It is a fantastic way to add an extra boost to your marketing efforts, again, creating a buzz around your brand.

When collaborating with influencers, it is vital to carry out meticulous research before contacting individuals. You want to work only with those who will showcase your brand in its best light and will not cause any negative press. Spend time browsing through the followers of all shortlisted influencers to ensure that they fit with your target audience. You may be able to get an influencer with a high following on board, but if their supporters do not equal to potential conversions, then the campaign will become relatively futile.

Once you have forged a relationship with your selected influencers and are ready to begin your campaigns, there are a number of strategies to consider. The first of which is coupons or discount codes. Particularly if you are a product-based brand, providing influencers with their own promo codes is a proven way to drive conversions. Ask influencers to use discount codes in all posts, which will give their followers just that extra gentle nudge to purchase from your brand. Another excellent technique is to run giveaways with influencers. Utilise the tips mentioned previously on how to run a successful competition, but instead, through the channels of influencers.

Video Content

Nothing grabs the attention of website or social media users more than an entertaining or educational video. While it may sound harsh, people are lazy, which means that they would be considerably more likely to watch a quick, 10-second video on a topic rather than read through some text. You want to make it as easy as possible for your target market to gain an understanding of your brand values. If you are launching a new brand, product or service, then use the video to provide viewers with all of the information they need to make a conversion. Feature the key selling points of your business, along with how you can solve a problem that your target audience may be experiencing. Ensure that every video ends with your company logo, along with any brand colours or straplines.

A brand which will always be known for perfecting product launch video advertising is Cadbury’s. Due to their recognisable purple branding, Cadbury’s can now create weird and wonderful advertisements, which rarely include their signature chocolate bars. Viewers, instead, instantly recognise the brand through their colours and quirky approach to video content. All adverts by Cadbury’s can be found on their YouTube channel.

Pop-Up Store

For those who specialise in the fashion industry, we would most definitely recommend using a pop-up store to launch your brand or new products. Leading brands from across the globe, including Adidas, Birchbox, Fendi and Kylie Cosmetics, all use pop-up stores to their advantage to drive brand awareness.

While a pop-up store is one of the most effective ways to promote a product, it does come alongside extensive planning. First, you must determine the location of your store, whether this may be an area of an existing retailer, a shopping centre or outdoor venue. This would be mainly based on your budget, along with your key target audience. Not only must you spend time researching locations, but also ensure that you promote your event in advance. Pop-up stores, on average, last for only a few days, which means that they must make an impression. You only have a small amount of time to sell the products you have stocked for the launch and ensure that you attract as many customers as possible. Flyers, social media and press releases are all proven ways to boost the awareness of your upcoming event. Snap Retail has put together a super helpful article on how to guarantee a crowd at your pop-up event.

On the day of the pop-up store, it is always recommended to incorporate a form of entertainment to draw the public into your store. Over our many years of providing photo booth hire in London, we have attended various launch events to help to promote a new brand. In giving attendees with the opportunity to take a snap in the photo booth, they will remember your store as a unique experience. They will also be provided with a photo printout, which can incorporate your logo and branding, as a keepsake.

Adidas pop up store

Photo Credit: Top Trends Avenue

Plan A Successful Brand Launch

A successful brand launch requires meticulous planning, preparation and monitoring to guarantee success. It is a process that is likely to take months to unfold; however, will most definitely be worth the hard work and additional hours. It is essential that, throughout the planning process, you always keep corporate goals in mind, ensuring that you set objectives to work towards.