Whether you’re fundraising for a national charity, a local non-profit organisation or a volunteering trip, there are a number of ways you can make fundraising enjoyable for both you and your guests. Some of these event ideas will take a lot more planning than others but are all guaranteed, if executed effectively, to help raise a substantial amount for your cause. Here are 20 Fundraising Event Ideas.

20 Of The Best Fundraising Event Ideas

These fundraising event ideas will require a lot of planning and preparation to perform effectively; however, they are likely to be the bigger money raisers. Depending on the amount you are aiming to raise, you may only need to host one large event along with a number of smaller events. However, if you’re fundraising for a national charity, then more than one considerable sized event is advised.

1. Fun Run

Organise a fun run around your local park or fields for families and individuals of all abilities. Ask for all those participating in the run to ask for sponsors and donations. Remember to provide refreshments and a prize for the winner. For more information on how to plan a fun run, take a read of this guide.

2. Fashion Show

Like planning a concert, organising a Fashion Show will need to be organised well in advance. You will need to decide on the theme of the event and the location where it will be held before you start looking for volunteers and models. Once you have decided on both the location and event theme, you can start advertising the event and selling tickets. Reach out to amateur fashion designers and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their work. You can also advertise on social media that you’re looking for models to walk the catwalk.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Organise a family scavenger hunt around your local village, town or city. You can charge an entrance fee and then clues and hints for additional donations.

4. Auction

With this event, you’ll need to heavily graft. Ask local restaurants, hotels, gift shops, salons, barbers and farm shops if they would be willing to donate any of their services, products or attractions to an auction, all for a good cause. Rather than auctioning off hampers and gift baskets, ask local businesses to donate experiences. The more appealing prizes you have, the more people you will have interested in getting involved.

5. Craft Fair

This idea is best hosted around seasonal events such as Christmas or Easter. There is an abundance of small organisations creating homemade gifts that would be interested in selling their products at a craft fair. Charge a fee per stall which still allows the individuals to make money from the customers. You can also charge a small customer entrance fee and provide complimentary beverages to make the event more appealing. Hosting the event around the holiday season is ideal when people are looking to purchase special, homemade gifts.

6. Cricket Match

Approach your local cricket club and ask if they would mind hosting a charitable charity match. This event can then be opened to members and non-members in the area. Ask for spectators to bid on the team most likely to win and donate their winnings.

7. Single’s Event

Host a single’s dating night and bring couples together whilst raising money for charity. With this event, you will have a lot of scope on the theme, from a speed dating event to a cocktail night. Consider asking local dating agencies for help or donations.

8. Local Concert

Ask local bands and musicians in your area if they would give up some of their time to help raise money for your cause. They could also use the event as a promotion opportunity, increasing their awareness and reputation. Organising a concert is going to require a lot of forward-thinking and preparation so make sure you are organised in enough time and have found a plethora of sponsors to help increase the money you make. Make sure to advertise the event well in advance to ensure enough attendees show up. Take into consideration you may also need to provide refreshments so look into caterers who may be willing to make a donation to your charity.

9. Casino Night

Instead of going to Vegas, bring the city of gambling to your hometown. Invite guests to get involved in games such as poker, roulette and blackjack. Establish a formal dress code and have a paid bar running. Ask attendees to donate to play and then donate a certain amount for specific numbers of casino chips. Award the player with the most chips at the end of the night with a small gift or prize.

10. Man vs. Food Eating Contest

Ask your local pub or restaurant to provide the food for a Man v Food contest. This could either be foods such as burgers, pies, steaks, doughnuts, or chicken wings. Ask for registration fees from the individuals taking part and then ask spectators to bid on who they think will win.

11. Beer Race

This is another event you could ask the local pubs to get involved in. You could either host in the pub itself if there is sufficient room or in a local par. Ask the pubs to provide the beer in return for some free advertising and publicity.

12. Garden Party

Arrange an afternoon tea event incorporating homemade cakes, tea, strawberries and scones. This event is definitely best suited to the summer months when you are guaranteed the warm weather. For recipes on what to bake and other essentials you may need, give this article a read.

13. Car Washing

Find some volunteers to help you with a car washing event. You could either knock on doors in your area and wash people’s cars for cash, or you could throw a car washing event in one location and ask individuals to come to you if they are interested in having their car cleaned.

14. Bingo Night

Everyone enjoys a night of bingo. However, why not jazz it up a bit and throw an alternative bingo night. Play with food, photos of animals, celebrities or well known people from your area.

15. Jigsaw Marathon

Collect as many jigsaws and puzzles and possible and throw a ‘jigsaw-athon’. Charge individuals to enter the competition and then provide a gift to the winner. You could also have a child’s competition as well as an adults tournament.

16. Water Fight

This is an event appropriate for all ages and is family-inclusive. You could either provide water guns on the day or ask competitors to bring their own. Again, charge a fee to enter the game and then sell refreshments on the day. This is definitely more suitable for the warmer summer months.

17. Outdoor Cinema

Hire an digital graffiti wall as an outdoor cinema and set it up in a central location that’s easily accessible for cars. Advertise the film you are screening a few weeks before so that people are prepared and can make it. Choose a recent film that people may have missed being shown at the cinema.

18. Football Tournament

If your local town or village has a football club, you could approach them and ask if they would be interested in hosting a charitable football match. You could organise a fathers vs. sons match that is likely to be highly entertaining for all those involved and watching. If you have small numbers then you could opt for a 5-a-side game.

19. Bake Off Event

This is an event you could ask your local bakery to get in involved in. Charge people to enter the competition and ask a few volunteers to judge based on quality and taste. You could then offer a prize or gift voucher to the winner.

20. Karaoke night

This is another event you could ask for cooperation from your local pubs or restaurants. You could also involve a quiz into the event and ask individuals to get teams together and award a prize to the winning team. Charge entrance fees for both the karaoke competition and quiz to ensure you make enough money from the event. Here are some top tip pub quiz questions if you’re struggling.


Here are just a few ideas to help inspire your fundraising events. Bear in mind when organising any charity event, a lot of organisations will be willing to provide facilities for discounted prices. You do not want to be spending money that could have gone to the charity. If you have enjoyed this article, please give it a share on your social channels.