By this point in time, all of your hard work of planning a wedding is just about over and with one week to go, the nerves have probably started to kick in. However, to ensure you thoroughly enjoy the lead up to your wedding, here are a few tips for a stress-free wedding week.

A Guide to The Most Stress-Free Wedding Week

To ensure the final countdown to your big day is as smooth as possible, we have come up with a list of things you may have overlooked the significance of. From practising walking in your wedding shoes to packing an emergency wedding day kit, there are several ways to make the lead up to your big day as stress-free as possible. The key to ensuring your wedding week is as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible is preparation and organisation. For those brides who are naturally organised, this will be much easier, however, for those who struggle with this, then hopefully this guide will provide you with some useful insight.

Practice Walking in Your Shoes

It is worth spending a bit of time in the lead up to the big day walking in your wedding day shoes. Whether you are wearing heels or flats, it is a good idea to make sure they are comfortable enough for the whole day. Take every advantage you have during the week prior to the big day to get them moulded to your feet. If you are worried you will not be comfortable wearing your chosen shoes for the whole day, go out and get some more suitable footwear that you can change into later on in the evening. It is a good idea to also invest in some blister plasters or insoles if, again, you have a suspicion your shoes might not be entirely comfortable.

wedding shoes

Confirm Details With Caterers, Entertainment and Venue

Spend a little time during the week calling or emailing the caterers and entertainment and venue providers. Run through timings and more in-depth last minute plans. Make sure there is no confusion about anything on the day and that you both understand each other. If you are looking for additional entertainment, then you could consider the addition of a photo booth hire in London. This is guaranteed to provide your guests with hours of entertainment. This is also a good time also to make any final payments so that you can enjoy your honeymoon and the first few weeks as a married couple without worrying about outstanding bills.

Collecting the Dress and Suit

It is likely you will need some final alterations made to either your dress or suit so make sure to visit the dressmaker in enough time. You will then be able to take them home but make sure to keep the outfits in their garment bags at all times and for as long as possible. Also, remember to keep both hung up to avoid creasing. Keep well out the way of food, liquids, pets and small children. Make sure all of the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses also fit their proprietors and make final alterations if necessary.

wedding suit

Confirming Appointments

It is a good idea to just confirm your beauty appointments a week before the big day just to avoid any confusion or mixups. It is advised to leave manicures and pedicures to the day before or day of the wedding prevent any chippings. We also suggest tanning two days prior to the wedding and make sure your hair has been freshly coloured within the same week to look its best. Book in the groom’s haircut and shave at least two days before the day to ensure he looks as smart as possible. Make sure that both your beautician and hairdresser has the correct time for the morning of your wedding. Appointments can get lost in the midst of organisation, so it is always worth calling up to confirm.

bridal beauty

Have a Chat With Your Photographer

Make sure to have a chat with your photographer close to the day just to discuss details more in-depth. Talk about how involved you would like your photographer to be on the day; do you want them in the background taking candid pictures, or would you prefer lots of stunning staged photos. Take this opportunity to discuss any insecurities you may have but trust the photographer to know how to enhance yours and your partner’s best features.

Last Minute Honeymoon Shopping

If you are planning to jet off to your honeymoon fairly soon after the wedding, then it is essential to ensure you have everything packed and organised. Make sure to have purchased holiday essentials in enough time and have sorted flights, accommodation and travel to prevent worrying about it on the day. Place passports, currency, boarding passes and travel documents somewhere safe and all together.


Pack an Emergency Bag

Pack a bag of all the essentials you may need on your wedding day and give your bridesmaid the responsibility of looking after it. This kit could contain any make-up or hair styling products you may want later on for additional touch-ups, safety pins, plasters, a needle and thread (in case of a dress emergency). ‘Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best’ is the motto we suggest sticking by on your wedding day. Make sure you have all essential marriage ceremony documents safe and trust someone reliable to transport them to the ceremony safely.

bubble bath

Finishing Touches

The evening before the wedding is an ideal time to drop off the table plan, additional decorations and place cards at the venue. Ensure the cake is on schedule to be delivered on time and to the correct venue. Iron anything that requires ironing (shirts, suits, bridesmaid dresses) to save you having to stress about doing it in the morning. You could also take this time to run through vows and speeches so that they are fresh in your mind before the next day. Once you have ticked everything off your list of to-do’s, we suggest running a bubble bath and taking the evening off to relax and calm any last-minute nerves.