There is simply no better way to add a heartfelt personal touch to your special day than opting to say your “I Do’s” in the comfort of your home. Whether this may be the family home that captures all of your favourite childhood memories, or your own property that you plan to begin your next chapter in, there are a plethora of benefits towards scrapping the huge venue for a home wedding.

Similarly to when drawing up the benefits and drawbacks of any other venue type, there are various things to consider when having your wedding at home. While a home wedding is perfect for those hoping to plan a sentimental day like no other, it does take considerably more planning and preparation to ensure a seamlessly, smooth-running day.

10 Things To Consider When Having Your Wedding At Home

Your wedding is an incredibly special milestone; it is the day where you and your partner vow to love, cherish and care for one another, sharing a lifetime of happiness. Regardless of how many eager family members try to squeeze in their ideas, it is imperative to remember that your wedding should be based on what is unique to you and your partner. Base the day on things that mean something to you and will help towards throwing the most memorable day of your life.

For many, getting married in the home they grew up in is a dream and no other venue is capable of comparing. If this is the case, then it is essential to consider every aspect to guarantee that you will have absolutely no hiccups on the day – begin with browsing through our ten key points to consider!

1. Is There Enough Space?

Although this may seem like an obvious question, you would be surprised how many couples planning a home wedding fall short of space last minute. The average size wedding consists of around 150 guests, not to mention the bridal party and groomsmen, who seem to be growing increasingly larger each year, which means ensuring that you have plenty of space is critical.

When measuring space, not only must you guarantee an area for a large marquee, but also components such as the following:

  • Dressing rooms – Where will the bridal party and groomsmen get ready the morning of the wedding? Will there be enough space for makeup artists and hair stylists? How will you avoid running into each other?
  • Catering – Where will caterers prepare food? Is there space for a fridge trailer to keep all the drinks for the evening chilled? Will there be space for over 100 plates of food to be laid out?
  • Generator – You must purchase or hire generators when throwing a home wedding to ensure that you have enough power to fuel sound and cooking equipment. Where will this be located so it can reach all areas? Are you happy for generators to be visible or do you want them hidden away?
  • Entertainment – If you are hoping to incorporate entertainment such as a DJ, band or something more unique like a digital graffiti wall into your wedding day, you must factor in space for these. Entertainment companies must be able to set up all of their equipment to ensure that you can enjoy it to its fullest.

2. Have You Set A Budget?

A budget is a necessity when responsible for throwing any form of event, but even more so when planning a wedding. When dreaming of your special day, it can be easy to fall into the trap of going overboard with decorations, catering and accessories that are not necessarily required to enjoy your wedding. With this in mind, it is vital to begin your wedding planning journey by setting a budget and allocating a percentage to each expense.

While it may, at first, appear as if a home wedding will be a cheaper alternative, be prepared that this may not be the case. While you will not have to worry about the substantial fee of venue hire, many additional expenses come alongside a home wedding that you would not have when booking a venue.

Bridebook has an excellent tool which allows you to create a personalised wedding budget planner online and keep track of all expenses along the way.

3. Will You Hire A Wedding Planner?

The idea of hiring a wedding planner is a love or loathe topic; however, you can never disagree with the enormous weight a wedding planner is capable of taking off your shoulders. One of the biggest benefits of a wedding planner is that you are able to choose whether you simply want an ‘on the day coordinator’ or would prefer additional support throughout the entire planning process.

When planning a home wedding, many are surprised at the vast number of suppliers you must negotiate and organise with to ensure that you have everything covered. Particularly on the day of your wedding, it often feels like a military operation to keep each member of the team in place and carrying on their delegated tasks. Taking time to research and discuss ideas with different wedding planners will prove a beneficial consideration. You can search for local professionals in your area based on county or postcode using the Wedding Planner website.

wedding planner with bride

4. Do You Have Bathroom Facilities?

Bathroom facilities are not the most exciting of topics to discuss, but they are a crucial component when planning your wedding at home. The one bathroom in your property is not capable of serving all of your guests, and even more so, you do not want tonnes of guests traipsing through your home for the entirety of the day.

When hiring additional bathroom facilities for your wedding, don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest unsightly festival or construction site portable toilets. Instead, many different companies such as now provide luxury bathroom hire for events; all of which are decorated with elegant interior design and equipped with scented hand soap. There will also be an attendant on hand all day to ensure that they remain sparkling clean!

5. Have You Found A Wedding Officiant?

It is important to find a wedding officiant who happily gives their blessing to marry you at your home. Finding the perfect wedding officiant will take a considerable amount of research, as not all officiants have permission to carry out a ceremony outside of their place of worship. Beginning your search for a wedding officiant must begin in the early stages of the planning process to ensure that you are able to find someone and discuss the ceremony in advance.

Bidvine, just like Wedding Planner, is an easy search tool to find legal officiants in your area. You are asked a number of different questions based on your preferences to find an officiant best suited to your requirements.

couple saying vowels

6. What Catering Options Are There?

Catering is a vital component of a wedding, so you should always spend time as a couple drawing up the different options you like the sound of. As mentioned previously, it can often prove somewhat tricky to find enough space to allow caterers to prepare and cook food with ease, so you may want to consider keeping your reception small then invite extra guests for the evening party. Opting for a smaller reception means that you may be able to get away with using your kitchen as opposed to putting up a separate catering tent, ultimately, saving space.

One of the most popular catering options for a stay-at-home wedding is a BBQ buffet, perfect for a Summer garden party themed wedding. A BBQ is a super easy option that allows all guests to help themselves to as much or as little food as they would like throughout the evening. It also means that there will be something to meet the tastebuds of even the fussiest of eaters!

7. How Will You Decorate Your Home?

One of the most enjoyable benefits of opting to have your wedding at home is that you are free to be as creative as you would like when it comes to decorations. There will be no restrictions, and your marquee will give you the perfect blank canvas to incorporate your favourite theme – the bigger the ideas, the better!

When throwing an outdoor home wedding, make the most out of the greenery and plant life you’re surrounded by to create a magical secret garden. Wrapping LED fairy lights around trees, your marquee and shrubs create the most enchanting, romantic setting for your first dance. Thanks to the colourful surroundings, you’ll also be able to get away with crisp white linen, and chair covers then use accessories for an extra splash of vibrancy. If you’re stuck for decor inspiration, not to worry as Pinterest is filled with stunning boards specifically for home weddings!

garden wedding ceremony

8. Have You Spoken To Neighbours?

If you’re the small percentage of the population lucky enough to live in a remote location, miles from any other properties, then you are free to continue planning. However, if you are not, and this is incredibly common, it is more than likely that you are in earshot of neighbours. In this instance, it is imperative to ensure that you make all neighbours aware of your upcoming wedding in advance to avoid any disputes on your special day, including the date and time.

9. Do You Need Insurance?

Regardless of whether you are having your wedding in a venue, church or at home, insurance must be considered. While no one wants to deliberate over the things that may go wrong on their special day, you can never be too sure, particularly if you are spending lots of money on the day.

Insurance ensures that you are covered for any damages that may occur to your property and in the worst case scenario if a guest becomes injured on the day, you do not have to pay out hundreds in compensation. Similarly to any other form of insurance, you are also covered if a vendor was to cancel at the last minute such as the flowers, photographer or the cake; you will be able to get back your deposit and any other expenses you paid out for. has a full guide on wedding insurance and how the cover works.

10. Have You Considered The Clean-Up?

After your special day, its time to get into honeymoon mode, which means that the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up. Unlike when throwing your wedding at a venue, you will not come down in the morning to a sparkling clean room with all mess cleared; at home, it is your responsibility to clean-up.

Rather than having to force yourself to clear your property or enlist the help of friends and family, instead, we suggest hiring a professional cleaning service to visit the day after your wedding. You can arrange for them to visit in the morning to ensure that your home is back to normal in the evening!

Throw The Perfect Home Wedding!

Although there are many different points you must take into consideration when planning a wedding at the comfort of your home; you shouldn’t let it put you off. With meticulous planning and beginning preparations as early as possible, you can almost guarantee that the day will run as smoothly as possible!

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and searching for memorable entertainment, then why not consider hiring a photo booth in London? Your guests will adore taking fun snaps in the booth and will have tonnes of printouts to take home with them!

We hope that you have found our article helpful, now all that’s left to say is happy planning!