If you have recently got engaged and have started to think about organising your wedding day, then deciding on a date is one of the first things to consider. However, deciding what time of year to host your wedding can be a challenge. There are positives and negatives to both seasons, so you must make a decision based on your visions, style of wedding and budget. If you have always pictured yourself getting married during the summertime, then why not look into the advantages of holding a winter wedding. Here are the pros and cons of a winter wedding and a summer wedding.

The Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

There are a number of factors you should consider when you are deciding on the season to have your wedding. The venue of your wedding, your overall budget, and the atmosphere you wish to achieve throughout the day will all have an impact. If you are considering a Christmas wedding, then here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

wedding in the snow

Hosting a Winter Wedding

There is an ample amount of reasons as to why hosting a winter wedding is perfect. Winter weddings are now becoming almost just as popular as summertime weddings, and these factors may explain why.

Romantic Photographs

Although the weather is not going to be hot and balmy, there is a small chance that you may experience snow on the day. This will provide stunning photo opportunities. If you wish to achieve a magical winter wonderland atmosphere at your wedding, then it is worth looking into venues in places such as Scotland and Yorkshire. Here is a list of the most exclusive wedding venues in Scotland that you should consider for a 2019 winter wedding. From castles to abbeys, these wedding venues will seem even more magical during the winter months.

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Vendor Availability

There is a much higher possibility when looking to book venues and vendors, that they’ll have more availability during the winter months. If you are thinking of organising a last minute wedding, then planning it for some time during October to January will be most convenient. You will also find that more of your guests will be available during the winter months. Not so many people will be attending social events or family holidays. As winter approaches, you will find that people’s social calendars start to die down. If the wedding is planned for a midweek day close to the Christmas period, then guests may have already taken time off work and are more likely to be available.

Winter Wedding Trends

Although you will be restricted to holding your wedding mainly inside, you can take full advantage of this. Instead of providing outdoor activities, go over the top with indoor entertainment. Why not looking into the addition of a photo booth in London, or a live band. Because your guests will be limited to staying inside, they are much more likely to appreciate the indoor entertainment you invest in.

Fur Blankets

Even with an indoor ceremony, to successfully reinforce that feeling of a winter wonderland wedding, we suggest offering your guests cosy fur blankets and shawls. These can be handed out to your guests while they wait for you to arrive, or they can be placed near to a comfortable seating area at the reception. Here is a stunning collection of Faux Fur Throws, available in a variety of colours and perfect for creating a winter wonderland atmosphere at your wedding. It would also be a nice idea to purchase a fur shawl for each of the bridesmaids to match their dress. This is an item of clothing they’ll also be able to wear again in a less formal and elaborate situation.

Hot Chocolate and Mulled Wine Bar

You can’t host a winter wedding without providing your guests with some form of warm drink. The most traditional Christmas drink would be to provide your friends and family with mugs of hot mulled wine. This winter warmer will not only help keep guests warm but will contribute to their merriness. However, we like the idea of making space in your wedding venue for a dedicated hot chocolate bar. Make sure there is the option of all the trimmings; cream, marshmallows, sprinkles and cinnamon sticks. This will be an exciting treat for any children you have attending your wedding. Equally though, it will be enjoyed just as much by the adults present.

Seasonal Decor

One of the best things about a Christmas wedding is the seasonal decor and colour scheme that you can implement into the overall atmosphere and style of the day. If you are aiming to achieve a Christmas theme wedding then we advise opting for shades of greens and burgundy for your colour scheme. However, if you’d prefer to host a simple winter wedding instead, then we suggest choosing a frosty colour scheme made up of bright whites, greys and light blues.

Seasonal Evergreen

For a Christmas wedding, it is important to include the addition of seasonal foliage such as holly and ivy. Make sure to decorate your venue with wreaths and garlands; the green tones of the vegetation will contrast seamlessly with any shades of red you’ve used. When it comes to table decorations and centrepieces, we recommend incorporating seasonal foliage with pinecones, glitter, ribbons and candles or fairy lights. For a Christmas wedding, we also deem it imperative to hang up at least several sprigs of mistletoe around your venue. Alternatively, you could use this romantic Christmas favourite as a staple part of your table centrepieces.

evergreen table decorations

Candles and Fairy Lighting

We’ve mentioned fairy lights before in this article and we’ll mention them again because there is nothing more enchanting than lighting up a winter themed wedding venue with twinkly Christmas lights. Illuminate the entrance to your reception with candles in glass jars and outline any box hedges with strings of fairy lights. If you are not so keen on the look of foliage inspired table centrepieces, then why not adorn the tables with silver candle-lit candelabras. These make eye-catching table decorations and will contribute to the mood lighting of your venue.


The Christmas Tree

A Christmas wedding would not be complete without the presence of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. If your venue allows, then make sure to choose a tree substantial in size that is guaranteed to stand out and reinforce the Christmas theme. The bigger the tree you choose, the more impressive it will look, especially in a huge reception room.


In addition, you will find that venues, suppliers and vendors will be much less expensive during the winter months. A lot of people avoid hosting a winter wedding purely because of the weather so wedding businesses take this opportunity to cut their prices. It is also worth being aware that when it comes to your honeymoon, you’ll find you can get away with paying far less. Embarking on a honeymoon out of peak times will not only guarantee you save money, but holiday destinations won’t be jampacked with tourists. The winter months are the ideal times to visit the Maldives, Caribbean islands or South Africa.

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Cons of Organising a Christmas Wedding

By now, we should have fully convinced you that a Christmas themed wedding is the way forward, however, you have not yet heard the disadvantages a winter wedding also entails. Although our goal is not to put you off, there are some considerations that you should be made aware of. Here are several difficulties that are associated with hosting a wedding during the wintertime.

Weather Problems

Although the likelihood of snow falling is highly unpredictable here in the UK, it is not an impossibility. Therefore, it is a consideration you must bear in mind. If we do get a heavy snowfall over the weekend of your wedding, is it going to cause difficulties for your guests to get to you? If you have a lot of family and friends situated all over the country, then bad weather can impact their ability to safely make it to your wedding day.

Additionally, the cold weather could drastically influence the outcome of your wedding photos. Although the frosty weather is guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop for a winter wonderland photo shoot, if you as the bride or groom are suffering from the cold temperatures, then the pictures may not represent what you were expecting.

winter wedding bouquet

Limited Floral Options

Unfortunately, a limited selection of wedding flowers is included in the package of organising a winter wedding. If you envisaged your bouquet to be made up of peonies and roses, then perhaps it is worth reconsidering a winter wedding. However, if you are more than happy to decorate your venue with evergreen elements and walk down the aisle with a white poinsettia, then there is a whole host of seasonal floral options to choose from. Here is a guide on five ways to create a festive Christmas wedding with poinsettias.

Hopefully, we have provided you with a realistic view of the problems that may arise when it comes to planning a winter wedding. These are considerations worth bearing in mind before you set a date and start the organisation process. Here are some points worth contemplating if you think that a summer wedding is more suited to yours and your partner’s visions.

Hosting a Summer Wedding

Most people plan to host their wedding during the sunny summer months. You are not guaranteed great weather here in the UK, but you have a much higher chance of sunshine if you do opt for a June or July wedding. The warm summer days allow you more time to party into the evening without the worry of getting too cold. Guests are also more likely to stay later on into the evening and not worry too much about leaving early; more people will be encouraged to stay late if they can sit outside and enjoy the warm summer air.

Summer Outdoor Activities

Furthermore, if your venue has an outdoor area for your guests, this will provide the perfect place for any children to run about and enjoy themselves. Often there is little to entertain children at weddings, especially when they are solely hosted inside. There are a number of activities you can incorporate into a summer wedding to entertain younger children; giant Jenga, swingball, kite flying and lawn croquet.

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Stunning Photographs

The natural light of the sun and the clear blue skies will help to improve the quality of your photos. Professional wedding photographers do usually possess equipment that will make up for the lack of sunshine on a winter day, but this won’t achieve the same picture as a photo taken in the sun. Also, photographers get booked up very quickly during the summer months, so make sure you have allowed enough time to find a reliable and good quality photographer in time.

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The Cons of a Summer Wedding

Nevertheless, hosting a wedding during the summer is not all positive. There are several aspects of this season that you need to deliberate over when planning a wedding. As a lot of people tend to embark on summer holidays out of term time, you may find that not everyone will be available to attend. Venues, especially in London, also get booked up considerably early so you must allow for extra time.


Overall, there are a number of benefits and drawbacks of hosting a wedding in the winter, and especially when organising a Christmas themed one. In order to achieve the wedding you envisaged, take into consideration which season will be more suitable to your preferences. Nevertheless, weddings orchestrated in summer and winter can be equally beautiful. If you have found this article beneficial to you in any way, please feel free to share it on your social media.