As Christmas draws closer and closer, the excitement of the festive season is starting to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. To get your employees feeling festive and bring the Christmas spirit into the office, its time to start thinking about winter team building activities. To give you a hand, we have come up with a few team building activities that are perfect for creating an environment for coworkers to bond.

Getting Into The Festive Spirit With Winter Team Building

Working 9-5, Monday to Friday, means that the relationship you have with your coworkers can have a significant impact on your life. A happy environment where coworkers feel comfortable around each other not only makes for a peaceful and pleasant workspace, but can also improve productivity.

Winter is the perfect time to get the whole team together to boost morale as Christmas approaches. Although getting the team into the festive spirit is important, most employers forget to keep team morale up after Christmas. Some employees find that they fall into what is known as seasonal depression; this tends to be the least productive time of the year. Knowing how to overcome this obstacle and help your team charge through the cold and conquer the winter slump, will help with morale and productivity.

Make It Or Break It

A fun way to get your team to mess about with tasty creations and experiment with combinations of deliciousness is to set up a making class. This could be any kind of making class that you want. For example:

  • Pizza making – let the whole team get messy and provide them with an array of ingredients to pop onto a pizza and into the oven. Once all the pizzas have been made, you can have your own pizza party! To add to the experience, you can have a competition for the most creative pizza.
  • Chocolate making – place chocolate into a piping bag and let the team create a masterpiece on a cold work surface. You can even lay a laminated template on the table and make the team work together to trace over the design with chocolate. Another idea is to get the team to make the chocolate from scratch and put them into a mould so that they can take home their very own box of chocolates. Lakelands has a Christmas bauble chocolate mould if you really fancy getting the team into the Christmas spirit.
  • Waffle making – you can leave a waffle station for your employees to create a yummy Belgium waffle with all the trimmings.

Making Chocolate

The Big Christmas Bake Off

While we’re on the topic of food, we might as well take inspiration from one of Britain’s most popular television shows and have a winter bake-off. You can either ask your employees to make a delicious treat and bring it into the office for an afternoon tea gathering. Provide your staff with hot and cold beverages to sip on alongside their yummy bakes. If you want to make a day of it, you can always get your team to bake their creations together under time pressure or give them the task of baking something technical. Be sure to judge the best bake and reward a prize to the star baker.

Baking is a fun way to get together and have a laugh as you create a masterpiece or a sloppy mess. Sitting down and diving into the bakes afterwards will allow your team to socialise and bond over sweat and fluffy freshly made cupcakes. If your employees aren’t quite the skilled baker, you can always purchase specially made festive treats. Accompany these treats with a chocolate fountain and popcorn machine for a yummy afternoon indulgence.

Baking A Cake

Playing Around

As much as we like to pretend that we are serious adults, games can create some of the funniest memories as employees bring out their youthful side. Games can bring positive competition within the team and can be adjusted to suit a variety of different team interests. You can either get out the board games, bring in a games console or think up some creative around the office fun.

Get the whole team looking for prizes with an office scavenger hunt for an inexpensive way to create a fun team-building experience. Culture Amp has a range of inspiring ideas of games to play at work to encourage team socialising.

We have exceptional feedback from our customers that have hired game tables for work events and team-building activities. With a range of game tables to choose from such as table tennis and air hockey, the team can play together and bond over our organised tables of fun.

Plating Pool In Offices

Evening Fun

Dedicating an evening to your team where they can get together and enjoy each others company, is an excellent way of creating relationships. You can plan a whole unique evening for your employees where they can take home memorabilia of their fun winter office activity.

If you are looking for a unique team-building activity, then our fun and interactive digital graffiti wall will have the whole team engaged. The digital graffiti wall allows everyone to get involved in creating a beautiful, or quirky, art piece that you can have printed on to memorabilia. This would make for the perfect Christmas present for your team while also allowing them to get creative and have a whole load of fun in the process.

Another addition to your office evening team-building is a luxurious photo booth. A trend that continues to increase in popularity is photo booth hire in London. You can choose from a wide range of unique photo booths to match your festive aesthetic. From mirrored photo booths to a handheld selfie mirror, your team can enjoy dressing up and taking some funny festive photos. These photos can be available to take home or have them put into a photo book for the whole office to enjoy flicking through the funny pictures.

Harry And Edge Photo Booth

Giving To Others

Christmas is a festive season where gifts are given to loved ones and smiles are shared around the Christmas table. Keeping a spirited mind, planning a charity fair or helping a charity for a day, is a fantastic way of giving back to the community. You can ask your employees if there is a charity that they would like to donate money or time to and put them all into a hat to choose one. This way, your employees will have a personal connection to the charity and can work together to support those that need it the most this Christmas.

Bring the team together and arrange a day where you try and raise as much money as you can for a special charity. Whether it is to support a UK charity such as MacMillan or a worldwide charity such as Water Aid, every penny counts, so be creative with your fundraising ideas. Better Fundraising Ideas has a variety of inspirational ideas for fundraising for your chosen charity. Give at least one of them a go, or even try one a week leading up to Christmas.

Other activities involving charitable work for team-building is to visit some of the charities sights and help out with a project. For example, charities such as Camphill Communities work completely on donations from the community. You can help Camphill by offering volunteer services such as painting their theatre hall or helping with their harvest festival by getting your hands dirty in the gardens. Charities like this give your team the opportunity to work together will completing a fulfilling task. Volunteering will give you so much more than you put in, so it is a worthwhile activity to consider.

Office Charity Work

Secret Santa

Everyone loves the excitement of getting a surprise gift and trying to work out who gave it to you. Pull names out of a hat and set down some ground rules for your employees to place some presents under the office Christmas tree. You can make it a homemade gift only or something that they can use in the office, such as a personalised or funny mug. Pick a date for the office to open their gifts and sit in a circle which a hot chocolate while everyone eagerly awaits to find out what they have.

Secret santa not only gives you the excuse of having everyone come together for a Christmas tradition, but it also makes for conversation before and after the gift-giving. Employees begin to talk to one another to try and find out what gifts would be ideal for their chosen name. After the gift-giving, coworkers speak to each other to try and find out who their secret Santa was, making it the perfect activity to forming working relationships.

Start Building Up To Christmas

Team building activities are a fantastic way of getting everyone together and picking up morale as Christmas approaches and draws to a close. Make sure to get your employees excited by coming up with some unique and fun activities that they will enjoy. For more team building ideas or additional quirky elements, take a look at our range of services that provide you with a fun and memorable winter team building activity.