When planning a wedding, there are several things that you will need to consider, from the big speeches to the decorations. All in all, a wedding should be fun and memorable for the bride, groom and guests of all ages. If you have been sat planning your big day and are asking yourself ‘should I have a photo booth at my wedding?’, these benefits will for sure help you see the light and start booking in your wedding entertainment!

Should I Have A Photo Booth At My Wedding?: YES!

Photo booths have become an increasingly popular feature of weddings and the range of booths available make it easier to for you to match your booth to your wedding decorations and theme. Even celebrities such as Kim and Kanye have had a wedding booth featured at their wedding, bringing an element of fun and entertainment for all. It’s a fun and creative idea to capture a different side to your wedding that a photographer may miss, giving you two perspectives; the professional family photos and the silly memories.

Harry & Edge have been providing clients with photo booths in London with a twist, allowing you to find the perfect booth suited to your wedding. Specialist packages are available to enhance your experience, giving you full reassurance that your photo booth elevates your wedding reception. So why have photo booth at your wedding? Well, here’s why:

Bride And Groom

Photo Booth Selection

If you have already decided that a photo booth is definitely the way forward, then, unfortunately, you still have some more thinking to do! There are numerous amounts of different photo booths that you can incorporate into your wedding, and it will all depend on the atmosphere you wish to create and theme you have decided to go for.

From a classic photo booth to a mirror photo booth, there will certainly be one suitable for your wedding. You can prop the photo booth up wherever you like at the venue, allowing guests to take some silly or serious snaps in various group sizes depending on the photo booth you opt for. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the different types of photo booths that you can choose from:

Mirror Photo Booth

What a way to start the party with an interactive mirror photo booth that speaks to guests with colourful lighting. The mirror looks stunning as an added feature with a level of detail and a touch of modern flair. When your guests strike a pose, the mirror will either give them a compliment or crack a funny joke to put some smiles on faces for a good photo. Much like other photo booths, the pictures will be printed out immediately, and you are able to personalise the photo with your own message or even artwork!

Mirror photo booth

Compact Photo Booth

If you have little space to work with, then a compact photo booth is ideal due to its convenient size. The quality of the photos will remain the same, but you don’t have to compromise when finding space to fit all of your decorations and entertainment. A choice of backdrops will be available for you to choose from, allowing you to find one that perfectly matches your theme. Guests are able to choose from a handful of filters along with a range of printed layouts for that personal touch.

Compact Photo Booth

Classic Photo Booth

The classic photo booth is one of the crowd’s favourites, with a crisp booth including a red curtain and carpet for that Hollywood feel. A fancy dress-up box and props are available, allowing your guests to go wild in the booth and create some funny and creative images. A uniformed attendant will be waiting beside the booth to ensure that everyone runs smoothly and everyone is having a fun time. You can also pick from a white or black exterior shell to set the mood for your reception.

iPad Photo Booth

For a more sophisticated and subtle photo booth idea, the iPad booth is both eye-catching and easy to install into the reception party. The booth can be hocked up to your phone, allowing you to access photos via the media app so that you can post your snaps on social media. You can choose from different types of iPad booths, such as the slim, ring or gallery pad, all of which you can add your own personal message on the print of the photos.

iPad Photo Booth

Hashtag Printing

Hashtag Printing is a new way of capturing images of guests having fun at your wedding. If someone snaps a funny picture or one that you would like to frame after the wedding, then hashtag printing allows you to print out your favourite snaps. It works with a simple process where your guests take a picture, upload it to Instagram or Twitter with a designated hashtag attached to your wedding, and Photoboxx monitors will print out the photo for you and your attendees to keep.

Hashtag Printing

GIF Photo Booth

Working similarly to the classic photo booth, the GIF booth allows you and your guests to take a selection of photos and put them together to create a fun display. Smart technology is incorporated into the booth, as well as the ability to personalise a message or add the bride and grooms name at the bottom. The GIFs are transferred to you by email, allowing you to share the snaps on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Handheld Selfie Mirror

One of the best ways to get everyone involved is to incorporate a handheld selfie into your wedding. The selfie mirror can be passed around the tables to ensure that everyone takes a silly picture for you to enjoy looking through at the end of the night. Guests are able to send the photo via email or post it on social media through the device. The selfie mirror also comes with a digital printer, so guests are able to print out their snaps as many times as they like.

Handheld Mirrors

Quirky Wedding Photos

When looking through a wedding album, you will usually find everyone looking prim and proper for the professional photographer. However, sometimes this doesn’t capture the fun and memories that you have. An interactive photo booth where guests can take silly photos is the perfect way to create a wedding album full of fun memories to look back on. You could even hang some of your photo booth pictures on clip fairy lights and hang them in your living room as a personalised decoration feature.

Along with your photo booth, you can incorporate props and dress up items to add to the entertainment piece. This will allow your guests to have some fun dressing up with each other, making it an excellent ice breaker! Furthermore, it is likely that not everyone will be on the dance floor waiting for the photographer to take some pictures of their questionable ‘dance’ moves. For this reason, having a photo booth will ensure that even those that don’t want to dance will have a form of entertainment that captures their presence at the wedding.

Guest Takeaways

You’re probably not the only one that wants to take away something from the wedding, and a lot of your guests would love the idea of having some personalised photos to remember the evening by. Instead of having everyone using their phones, why not encourage them to head over to the photo booth, where they can take home a printed out photo from the evening.

Everyone loves some personalised goods from special occasions, and a photo booth is an easy and perfect way to achieve this. With all of the photo booths that Harry & Edge can provide you, you are able to customise the print outs to include a personal message for your guests. This gives guests a keepsake to hold on to for years to come, looking back at your wedding as an evening full of fun and memories.

People at wedding in booth

Stunning Guestbook

After your guests have taken their photo in the booth, they can stick their print out in a guest book and write you a loving personalised message. This gives you a great way to create a memory album of your evening, and gives you something to look back on after the special day. You can either purchase your own guest book, or the Harry & Edge team will show you a range of the guest books we provide for you to choose one best suited to your evening.

A guest book is the perfect opportunity for guests to write down their favourite memories of the day, or a message that they think will put a smile on your face when going through them. Most couples will opt to have a guest book at the front of the wedding venue, and nominate a member of staff to encourage people to sign the book. However, with a photo booth, guests are more inclined to leave a message next to a silly photo, and the Harry & Edge team will be there throughout the night to lend a helping hand.

Wedding guestbook

No Age Limit

It is likely that you’re going to have a varied age group at your wedding, from all the young and hyper kids to the parents and grandparents waiting to show off their dance moves. The great thing about a photo booth is that it has no age limit! Younger guests can put on some funky big glasses and pull some funny faces at the camera, while adults can let loose. Having a photo booth will mean that you don’t need to worry about a form of child-friendly entertainment, as children can take as many photos as they like to keep them entertained throughout the night.

wedding photo booth pictures

Social Media Ready

When using a Harry & Edge photo booth, not only will you have a printed out version of all your photos, but you can also find your pictures as a digital version to upload onto social media. Harry & Edge can send over the photos for you to keep, or you can opt for our hashtag printing or iPad booth. This means that you can keep everyone up to date on all the fun and excitement of your wedding, getting everyone involved even if they couldn’t make it to the reception.

girls at wedding

Photo Booth Ready

There are so many reasons as to why incorporating a photo booth into your wedding is an excellent idea. It brings people together and gets the party started, allowing you to enjoy your big day with all of your friends and family. Harry & Edge have been providing clients with photobooths in London for many years, and have developed a range of booths suitable for all parties and events. If you would like to know more or wish to book yours in today, then feel free to contact the team.