To ensure you start 2019 off in the best way and are as organised and positive as possible, here are 7 New Year’s career resolutions that you can take on board. Even if you’ve had a notably successful year as an event planner, there is always room to improve for the New year. Whether this is in terms of expanding your client base or improving your work-life balance, there is a wealth of ways you can advance on your achievements throughout 2019.

7 Event Planner’s New Year’s Career Resolutions for 2019

The resolutions you set should be based on your own career goals as an Event Planner. You should also think back to last year’s resolutions and analyse how well they worked out. Did you stick to them? Were they realistic? Would you try any of them again? The start of the New Year provides you with the liberating opportunity to start again on any resolutions you failed to achieve last year. Even if you did manage to accomplish the goals you set last year, it is time to set new and updated ones.

It is important that your resolutions are realistic, without lacking in ambition. You need to make sure that these goals are pushing you in your career as an event planner, but equally, they need to be realistic enough for you to achieve them. For some inspiration on how you can drive yourself to excel and prosper both professionally and personally, here are the event planning New Year’s resolutions that we are making for 2019.

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1. Stay in Touch With Your 2018 Customers

One of the most important skills you will have learnt over the years as an event planner, is how to network in your industry. It is essential for this line of work to be constantly connecting with new clients, vendors and other planners in your area. You’ll find that with event planning, this is not the type of business where your relationship with a client is finished once the event is over. In order to secure repeat business, successful networking with past clients is essential. However, it should be done in the correct way, without making your clients feel hassled.

It is important that you engage with your clients and make them excited to work with you again. Not only do you need to give a good initial impression, but you then need to stay in contact with them either via phone calls, emails or letters. Thank you gifts are also an effective way of creating a good and lasting impression on your clients. Make sure that you utilise these subtle ways of ensuring your clients remember you for the next time they have an event to plan.

Keeping in contact with your past clients, especially the ones you made in 2018, requires minimal effort but is a guaranteed way to secure yourself work for the future. It demands only a small bit of advance planning and effort to make your clients feel valued.

2. Streamline Your Processes

To stay organised in 2019, it is worth looking into alternative ways to streamline your processes. It is imperative to your job that you continue to be attentive and methodical when it comes to various tasks such as consulting new clients or scoping out venues. If you are still reliant on notepads and paper lists, then the new year provides the perfect opportunity to update your processes. We suggest looking into the use of electronic devices, such as tablets, to help you. By doing so, you’ll have all of your notes, emails and access to the internet from one device. Clients may also be more impressed with the use of up to date technology.

Through the adoption of new technologies to help streamline your work processes, your daily tasks become simpler, and staying on track will become more manageable.

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3. Keep Up to Date With Technology

When it comes to event planning, it is important to keep up to date on developments in technology. From RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) to Virtual Reality and Digital Graffiti Walls, event technology trends and entertainment ideas are constantly improving, and this is something you need to be aware of.

RFID technology facilitates event planners to shorten lines for vendors and speed up event entry. It is predicted, that in five years time, event attendees will not only expect to receive an RFID wristband in the post, but they’ll expect the event they’re attending to not be too crowded. This is because event planners will have used RFID data to understand and predict the traffic flow surrounding that particular event. Attendees will, furthermore, expect to be able to share their whole experience of the event online with a simple tap of the wrist.

If this has blown your mind, take a read of this more in-depth article about event technology and Radio Frequency Identification. Make it your new year’s resolution this year to be more aware of new technology and implement it into your events.

4. Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Part of the job as an event planner requires you to work long hours, into the evenings and on your weekends. Working to organise every aspect of an event before the day is all part of the job of being an event planner. And, as a result of this, your mental and physical well-being can suffer. However, 2019 is the year to improve your work-life balance. Here are some methods of developing a more manageable lifestyle based around your career as an event planner:

  • Create strict working hours for yourself and stick to them.
  • Learn to unwind after a long day (read books, watch TV, socialise more).
  • Make time for your friends and family.
  • Learn to communicate better with both your family and co-workers when times get stressful.
  • Take more holidays throughout the year to properly let yourself relax.

By implementing these methods of improving your work-life balance, you are guaranteed to decrease stress levels and enjoy both your work and free time more. Try to stick to these rules and try not to let your professional work get in the way of your personal life. Once you have found a balance between your work and home, you’ll feel far more fulfilled and creatively inspired.


5. Attend More Events for Inspiration

In order to better your own events each time, you need to scope out what other event planners are doing. Not only is this a great source of inspiration, but may also fill you with a great sense of reassurance that what you’re doing is in line with, or better than what your competitors are doing.

No matter how creative and imaginative you are, attending more events is guaranteed to provide you with a plethora of fresh and exciting ideas. It is best to attend events that aren’t in direct competition with you. You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you can take away from an event that differs entirely to what you offer.

The more tricks and tips you add to your event planning repertoire, the more valuable you will be to a variety of clients. You must understand, in order to succeed, that there is no end to the learning process; there is always more to learn, especially from other event planners.

Attending other events is also a great way to network. Approaching other professionals in your industry who may be valuable to your work is an important part of your job. Expand your skill set and business contacts through the attendance of a variety of events.

6. Reward Yourself (and Your Team) More

The amount of time and effort that just one event demands is, without a doubt, considerable. After months of planning and working late into the night to ensure all aspects of the event is accounted for, it is important to reward both yourself and your team underneath you.

No matter what size your team is, make sure they are aware that their hard work has been recognised and appreciated. It is a good idea to send regular emails informing all of your staff of the company’s accomplishments, especially after organising large-scale, challenging events. It will also always be appreciated if you treat your team to something special. Simply cracking open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate is guaranteed to improve everybody’s moods and inspire them to work harder.

By ensuring to notice your team’s hard work, this will, in turn, improve the overall mood and productivity of your workplace. Here are some ways that you can treat your staff for the hard work and efforts they’ve shown during stress-full and demanding times. By rewarding your team, you’re likely to feel a sense of satisfaction yourself.

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7. Try to Use More Eco-Friendly Products

In recent weeks, we have heard and read a lot about the damaging effects we’re having on global warming, that soon could be irreversible. As an event planner and organiser of large corporate events, you can play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and contributing positively to our environment by opting for eco-friendly alternatives. It is important to be conscious of the amount of waste we produce at these large events, both before and after.

Therefore, make it your goal this year to offer your client environmentally friendly solutions. Encourage your clients to think more about the impact their event could be having on global warming and promote the use of recycled event supplies. Make sure to also enforce the recycling of items after the event rather than letting everything go to landfill sites. For more information on how to make your next event more sustainable, take a read of this guide. You’ll find that by implementing all of these green ideas into your event planning, you’ll feel a sense of fulfilment in playing a part in protecting our planet.


The best way to stick to your new year’s resolutions is to propose only realistic and attainable goals. That said, don’t completely neglect to be ambitious throughout 2019. Hopefully, our list of new year’s resolutions has inspired to create some of your own. If you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your social media. Let us know what goals you’re thinking of pledging for next year.