There is nothing more special than welcoming a new life to the world. With super excited, not to mention a little nervous, parents-to-be preparing for their ne

xt chapter, a baby shower is a perfect way to share happiness with loved ones.

As the host of the baby shower, there will be lots of researching, planning and preparation to ensure that you throw a truly magical celebration. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to put yourself under immense pressure. Through staying organised by following our guide on how to throw a baby shower, we can absolutely guarantee that you will plan a memorable party filled with emotion!

The Ultimate Guide On How To Throw A Baby Shower

Baby showers have most definitely evolved in more recent years, becoming a ‘must-have’ for almost every mum-to-be. It is the perfect excuse to plan an afternoon filled with love, giggles and excitement for the new arrival.

When beginning the first stages of the planning process, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is to let the parents-to-be play a role in their baby shower. While surprises always have the best intentions at heart, we suggest steering clear from planning a surprise baby shower. Pregnancy can be a stressful time, particularly if the expectant mother is suffering from common symptoms such as nausea. A date where she is still suffering from symptoms is likely to dampen their memories of the celebration. Instead, work together to plan the perfect baby shower, bringing every possible vision to life!

Create A Checklist

Before delving too deep into putting your plans into place, it’s important to create yourself a schedule. Without a detailed plan of action, you will find yourself forgetting essentials and faced with a last-minute panic. It is recommended to begin planning up to ten weeks before the baby shower.

Spend time writing down each task you need to complete and purchase you need to make, placing them in order of priority. Priorities will be aspects such as creating a budget, finding a venue and finalising the guest list. You can then begin to allocate dates next to each task, ensuring that you allow yourself plenty of time to get organised. Perhaps consider investing in a weekly planner, in which you can note down deadlines – we love the range on Papier!

Pick A Date – Before or After Birth?

Picking the perfect date for the baby shower is likely to be one of the trickiest decisions; this will definitely require the help of the parents-to-be. While the traditional baby shower takes place before the birth, in more recent years, many have opted for putting the celebration on hold until the birth of the new arrival – there are many different benefits of both options.

When hosting the baby shower pre-birth, gifts can be based on necessities that the parents will need. They can browse through their nursery, spot any items that are missing and then construct a list of present ideas. It also means that the mum-to-be can spend her baby shower relaxing, without having to rush off every hour or so to change nappies or feed their baby.

A baby shower after the birth, on the other hand, can double-up as an opportunity for all guests to meet the new arrival. It will be considerably easier for guests to choose the perfect gift as they will know the gender, size and name of the baby, so they can take a more personal approach.

Find The Perfect Venue

Now that you have an idea on when the baby shower will be, you can move on to where it will take place. Factors such as season, number of guests, budget and the parent’s interests will all contribute towards your final decision. Some of the most popular choices in baby shower venues include the following:

  • At Home – The most traditional baby shower location is the home of either the host or mum-to-be. Opting to host at home will create a more comfortable and intimate atmosphere, allowing everyone to relax. It also means that you will save a considerable amount of money on venue hire, ideal if you are hoping to keep spending at a minimum.
  • Outdoors – If the expectant parents love nothing more than embracing nature and spending time on country walks, an outdoor baby shower would be ideal. You could plan a picnic or ‘flora and fauna’ themed afternoon tea. Land For Events has a generous selection of outdoor venues available to hire across the UK.
  • Restaurant/Cafe – Booking a table at a restaurant or cafe is a fantastic hassle-free option for a baby shower venue. It will take away the task of venue hunting and catering, so you can focus on finding elegant decorations and planning fun activities. The best option would be to book a table at the favourite spot of the mum-to-be.
  • Function Room – Those who are throwing a large-scale, extravagant baby shower would be best suited to hiring a function room. Many function rooms come alongside catering for an additional fee, along with the option for professional event planning.

Pink outdoor baby shower

Choose A Theme

A set theme isn’t a ‘must-have’ at a baby shower. However, it does make the planning process just that little easier as it will help to narrow down your search. You will have a specific topic that each component can be tailored around. If the parents already know the gender of their baby, of course, this will make finding a theme considerably easier.

Themes come in all shapes and sizes, whether it may be based on characters such as Disney or merely a set colour palette. Colours remain one of the most popular types of themes as it is super easy to find decorations, party favours, food and drinks to match. If you’re stuck for inspiration, The Dating Divas has a fantastic article including over 100 baby shower themes.

Guest List and Invitations

Similarly to the baby shower date, you will need to enlist the parents-to-be to create the guest list. Spend time getting to know those who are most important in the lives of the parents and the special loved ones who you cannot forget off the list. Traditionally, baby showers were a women-only affair; however, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Double-check with they would like to stick to the tradition or throw a celebration where everyone is invited.

Once you have created a guest list, you can begin sending out invites. Nowadays, the trend is to take a ‘paperless’ approach and opt for sending digital invitations via email. Many different online companies such as Evite provide a generous selection of templates in which you can customise to complement the baby shower that you are hosting. E-invitations are a great alternative if you are hoping to keep expenses low. Not only are a whole host of fantastic free templates available but they also cut out the cost for postage. You’ll just have to ensure that you have the email addresses of all guests that you plan to invite.

Plan Decorations

Once all of the tedious aspects of planning are complete, you can move onto the fun, creative components, including decorations. Decorations can make or break a celebration, so it’s essential to ensure that they are perfectly tailored to the vision your mum-to-be has in mind.

In most cases, the main focus for decorations is on the food table, whether this may be at home or your venue. As mentioned above, if you have a theme, this will be a considerably easier task to tackle. To give you some inspiration, we’ve devised a list below of some of the most popular baby shower decoration ideas:

  • Balloons – You can never go wrong with creating a personalised backdrop using balloons. Whether you opt for lettered balloons or create a balloon arch, they are ideal for filling the room with colour. Party Delights stock a wide selection is baby shower balloons matching all manner of themes.
  • Light Up Letters – LED light up letters to continue to grow in popularity, creating a centrepiece for all celebrations. As letters are usually around 5ft high, you will need to ensure that you have plenty of room. They are freestanding and available in a multitude of colours, making them an excellent addition.
  • Bunting – For an extra personalised touch, bunting is perfect. Thanks to sites such as Etsy, you can now order handmade bunting, which is designed to say a customised name or phrase. It can then be kept as a keepsake in a memory box for the baby.
  • Guest Book – Sticking to the theme of creating keepsakes, a guest book brings a special touch to every baby shower. It gives guests the chance to write a message to the baby to read in the future. The guest book can be placed on a decorated table to create a focal point of the celebration. We love the books available on Not On The Highstreet!

Consider Food and Drink

It is uncommon for a baby shower to involve a sit-down, three-course meal, which makes food planning an easy task. Guests will only expect a few tasty snacks, which means that there are plenty of options available that involve minimal effort.

An old favourite for a baby shower is an afternoon tea themed spread. It is your choice whether you bake your own delights or enlist a professional cake maker to create sweet treats. While it may be a little more costly to order cakes from a baker, it is a more stress-free approach. It will exclude the task of slaving over the oven the day before the baby shower, hoping your bakes will turn out perfectly. Instead, simply order what you would like and pick up the finished product on the day.

For those with a particularly sweet tooth, a funfair theme would be perfect. You can fill your food table with retro sweets such as swirl lollipops, popping candy and jelly beans, along with the addition of popcorn boxes. To go the extra mile, why not consider hiring a candyfloss cart?

Baby shower biscuits

Create Baby Shower Games

No baby shower is complete without a host of fun games. Researching and deciding games will be one of the final components of planning your celebration. You can be as creative, quirky and crazy as you please, taking into consideration the personality and interests of the mum-to-be.

With hundreds of game suggestions on the internet, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily, we have devised a list below of those that continue to go down a storm at every baby shower:

  • Guess The Baby Photo – Each guest brings a baby photo of themselves, they are put into a collage on the wall, and others have to match the picture with the guest.
  • Who Knows Mummy Best? – The host creates a questionnaire on the life of the mum-to-be, and all guests try to answer as many questions as possible.
  • Blindfolded Nappy Changing – Gather a selection of babydolls and pack of nappies. Each guest must be blindfolded and race who can put the nappy on the quickest.
  • Guess The Baby Food – Pop to the shops and pick up as many different flavoured baby food jars as possible. Remove the labels and challenge guests to guess the baby food flavour.
  • The Baby Bucket List – Each guest writes down something that they hope for the new arrival in their future. These can be perfect for placing into a scrapbook for the baby.

For more ideas, The Bump has put together a guide including 43 baby shower games!

Throw A Truly Magical Baby Shower!

Planning and hosting a baby shower is such a special moment and complete honour. It is the perfect way to welcome a new life into the world and celebrate the exciting future that they have ahead.

If you are organising a baby shower and stuck for inspiration, Harry & Edge are always here to lend a helping hand. Our photo booth hire in London is a fantastic way to make memories and leave with keepsakes that last forever!