In order to be able to host your event, you are likely to need a sponsor. Most events rely on sponsorship, so securing the most suitable one for your event is essential. Recent research showed that a high percentage of event planners found finding a sponsorship to be the second most stressful part of event planning, just behind budgeting. This is indicated in a report carried out by Event Manager Blog. And, this is only projected to get more difficult as sponsorship rates are seen to be decreasing. Nevertheless, we have come up with a plan enabling you to secure premium events sponsorship easily.

What is Premium Events Sponsorship

Before going through the process of securing the best sponsor for your next event, we thought it might be useful for us to define event sponsorship thoroughly.

Event sponsors are companies that are willing to partner with you, providing you with resources (often financial support) in return for something beneficial to them. There are several things that these companies may want in return for financial support. Below are several examples of what these sponsors will be looking for:

  • Brand exposure
  • Discounted event tickets
  • Guest registration data
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Reserved panel seating
  • Access to event performance data

This is just a selection of some of the things that sponsors will be looking for in return for financial support. It is essential not only to target the most suitable sponsors for your event but make sure that your proposal is creative and easy to understand. You want to make your event as desirable as possible to potential sponsors.

We will now run through the best way to increase your event desirability, the best way to find the most suitable sponsors, how to create an event sponsorship proposal, and then how to maintain this relationship for future events.

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Increasing your desirability

In order to secure premium event sponsorship, you need to make your event seem like a valuable investment to sponsors. The ultimate goal is to have sponsors coming to you, rather than you chasing after them. With the aim of winning over the most prestigious, valuable sponsors, you need to work on your level of desirability.

In order to come across as valuable to your sponsors, it is essential to promote your event effectively. Your branding should be consistent, and any online event pages should be in line with other marketing material. It is also imperative to target your event to the correct audience in order to receive as much engagement as possible.

Utilising online promotion methods such as Facebook Events is essential. Creating Instagram and Twitter accounts for your event is an effective way to spread the word about your event and create a buzz. Furthermore, successfully engaging and communicating with your audience on these platforms will clearly demonstrate the high level of buzz associated with your event. This will make your event irresistible to potential sponsors.

Making sure your event stands out to potential attendees will ensure it stands out to sponsors also. By advertising the big names and companies already attending your event, you’ll be able to prove your value and see a growth in sponsors wanting to participate.

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How to find the right sponsor

In order to find the most suitable sponsor for your event, you need to look thoroughly into their industry, audience, demographics, interests and beliefs. If you end up with a sponsor that isn’t right for you and your event, then you’ll find it all the more difficult to get them to spend money.

In order to find the perfect match, you need to consider the above factors. Once you have researched into these, then you can accurately assess their value and how beneficial they’re likely to be for your event. It is important not to spam entire industries in an attempt to find a sponsor. Make sure to outline your criteria and only reach out to those companies that specifically meet your requirements. During this process, you need to think of the end game rather than agreeing to the first sponsor you come across. Here are some example questions that are worth asking before confirming your event sponsorship.

  • What do you consider your main goals as an event sponsor?
  • What are your core company values?
  • What are your key brand values?
  • How do you see your business aligning with this event?
  • What do you wish to get out of this partnership?

Asking these questions will help you to realise which business aligns closely with your event. Consequently, the probability of maintaining a successful partnership for the future is much more likely.

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Offer an Irresistible Service

Making an offer that a sponsor cannot refuse is what you’re aiming to achieve. This will also make your job a whole lot easier. It is important to offer personalised packages that are guaranteed to meet your prospect’s desires and deliver a bespoke experience. By tailoring these packages in accordance with the sponsor’s requirements and budget, you are far more likely to increase the chances of securing a reliable sponsor.

Maintaining the Partnership

Establishing a long lasting relationship will secure you a reliable sponsor for future events. The key to maintaining this strong partnership is to successfully promote your sponsor throughout your initial event. Make sure to collect accurate data indicating how your event has benefitted the sponsoring company. This will help prove to your sponsor that they should continue to sponsor your prospective events.

The metrics that you should be aware of to keep an eye on include leads generated, visits to their website and ad impressions made specifically through your event app. It is also a good idea to create a debrief presentation after the event to present to your sponsor. This is a great way of keeping in communication with the sponsorship company. To effectively secure a long-term sponsor, you need to be a quality salesperson.


It is no secret that sponsorship is an exceptionally competitive market; nevertheless, there are a considerable number of companies out there with the budget available to get involved. With our guide, hopefully, you should now be able to secure a premium sponsorship deal for your next event. If you are looking for event entertainment in London, then why not take a look into the addition of our digital graffiti wall for your next event. If you have found this article useful in any way, please feel free to share it on your social media.