If you and your partner are eager to get married but just don’t have the funds available to afford it, then we have thought of several ways that you can save money on the overall cost of your wedding day. According to a recent survey, the average UK wedding now costs £30,355 which is a considerable amount to spend, of which many of us cannot afford. However, if you’re looking for ways to save money on your big day without having to compromise too much on style, class and quality, then here is a guide on how to save money on your wedding day.

How to save money on your wedding: Stick to a budget

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to planning your wedding and making sure you don’t overspend, is to set your budget. Once you have set a realistic budget, it is essential that throughout the wedding planning process, you don’t go over it. It is a good idea to go through each aspect of the wedding day with your partner and prioritise what is most important to the both of you. If the honeymoon is of major relevance and importance to you, then it might be worth spending less on the wedding days itself. Once you have prioritised which parts of the day are of the highest priority; then the wedding planning will become much more straightforward and easier to stay within your means. By doing so, you will be able to work out how far your budget will stretch and what you may need to cut back on.

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Choose an appropriate date

The next most important aspect of the wedding planning process is to set a date. It is worth avoiding bank holidays, valentines day, and if possible, Saturdays. When it comes to hiring a venue, you’ll find that a sunny Saturday in the summer will be the most expensive time to have your wedding. The demand for summer weddings also goes beyond just venues; you’ll find that other vendors, such as caterers and entertainment, will also be asking for more money.

It is therefore worth looking into a later autumn or winter wedding. If you have an anniversary around the winter season, then this could be the most convenient and appropriate time of year to get married. You could even go one step further and opt for a weekday wedding. However, if you want to increase the chances of as many people attending your day as possible, then it might be worth tieing the knot on either a Friday or Sunday. Nevertheless, just make sure to avoid choosing a Saturday to celebrate your wedding.

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Ask for favours instead of gifts

If you have friends or family members with talents you could easily utilise to save money on your wedding day; then it is worth asking for their help rather than asking for gifts. For example, if you have a friend with a flair for photography, then why not ask whether they could sort out your wedding photos on the day rather than buying you a traditional wedding present. This will not only help you to save money but will add a personal touch to your special day. Here are some ideas on the areas you could ask people to help you out on.

  • Wedding cake maker
  • Florist
  • Photographer
  • Chauffer
  • Musician, band or DJ

Alternatively, you could ask guests to contribute to your honeymoon via vouchers rather than purchasing gifts for you. This is a particularly good idea if you have lived with your partner for a number of years prior and don’t need traditional gifts such as coffee machines and dinnerware sets.

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Perform extensive research

You are far more likely to find the best deals and biggest bargains if you perform a considerable amount of research beforehand. One of the best aspects of researching online is being able to easily compare prices from a variety of sources to ensure you’re not overpaying. You may also find that some websites offer discounts when you order multiple items from them.

When it comes to the wedding cake, the dress, suits, flowers and a DJ, make sure to inquire with a number of different businesses to guarantee you are receiving the most affordable price. It is also worth limiting yourself when it comes to evening entertainment. Perhaps opt for just one source of entertainment on the day, such as wedding photo booth hire in London or the addition of a live band. Deciding on several entertainment vendors will cost you considerably more and may not be necessary.

Make sure not to exclude the high street shops when you are looking for and purchasing supplies. You may be surprised how many traditional stores and independent businesses offer good quality, yet, affordable wedding supplies. You also need to take into consideration, that although online prices might be less expensive, items you have ordered may not always turn out as you expected and it will cost you to return these items.

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Do It Yourself

If you have a creative flair or have close friends and family members who do, then make the most of the combined skills and take on some of the work yourself. This will not only significantly help to cut down on costs, but will also make your special day a whole lot more personal. There are a number of aspects of a wedding you can do yourself, from the initial invitations to the flowers on the day, the table decorations and even the wedding cake. Instead of opting for a traditional tiered wedding cake, why substitute this for lots of cupcakes. These are far easier to bake yourself and easier to hand out to guests.

You could also opt to host your wedding at home. This will eliminate the venue costs which can often be the most expensive aspect of the wedding day. If you have a big enough garden, then it can be a great idea to hire a marquee and host the evening celebrations at home. Furthermore, this will mean you can organise your own catering and does not commit you to use venue caterers.

Overall, all of the ideas above are simple ways of considerably cutting down on the cost of your wedding day. If you implement just a few of the methods we have suggested, you could save yourself significant amounts of money, whilst still enjoy your special day and celebrate in style. If you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your social media.