Planning an event takes a considerable amount of thought and preparation, so making sure it complies with eco-friendly practices can seem even more of a demand. However, we have thought up of a few simple ways that you can host a sustainable event guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your brand image and save you money in the long run. Here is our advice on how to make an event sustainable.

A guide on how to make an event more sustainable

It has become increasingly popular that event planners are attempting to organise more sustainable events in light of the negative impact events can have on the environment. Organising a green event should be no more expensive than planning an event where you have failed to take our environment into consideration. In fact, it is more likely to save you money in the long run.

Another benefit of hosting a sustainable event is that it can significantly improve your brand image. Eco-friendly practices are becoming more important to people in our society, so managing to execute a successfully green event will only do wonders for your business.

Besides, you can also rest assured knowing that you have played an influential part in reducing your carbon footprint as an event planner and contributed to protecting our planet. If it is feasible to make your event as eco-friendly as possible, then why would you not? Here are some simple ways you can make your event sustainable.

Find a Local Venue

When looking for appropriate venues, make sure to look close to home. Opting for a venue that is out in the sticks is just going to increase the number of people that have to drive to attend. Whereas deciding on a venue within a city enables people to walk to and from the event. Making sure your venue is centrally located will also allow attendees to travel by public transport. To further incentivise your guests to travel on trains, trams and buses, you can offer discounted prices off public travel tickets. This will also help you to save on having to pay to accommodate for guests overnight and staff transportation costs.

It is also worth looking into the venue’s sustainability credentials. Look into venues that have been approved by the
Sustainable Event Alliance, an organisation aiming to inspire venues and event organisers to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Take a look at Venue Finder which lists all of the green venues available in London and other areas across the UK.

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If the event you are organising requires catering and you’re leaving this up to the venue to arrange, then make sure the food has been sustainably sourced. If the site you have chosen has a been green-certified, then chances are, they will only provide locally and responsibly sourced produce. This will further save you having to find an external catering company that specialises in organic, well-sourced refreshments.

Send Out Digital Invitations

Rather than wasting a huge amount of paper on sending out hard copy invitations, why not send out digital invitations instead? This can be via email, SMS messages or social media channels. Facebook now allows users to create public or private events where you can decide the date, category and who to invite. You can entirely personalise this to your event through the use of information and images. You can also add links to specific ticketing websites.

Invest in Biodegradable Tableware

This is something that your venue may provide for you, but if not, then it is definitely a component of your sustainable event that you should consider. Using one-use plastic tableware is hugely wasteful and damaging to our environment. If you are considering using glass or china utensils, then make sure to hire this from an external company where the items are going to be used again. Nevertheless, using biodegradable tableware is by far the most sustainable choice you could make.

Cater for The Correct Number of Attendees

Over catering at any event is not only a huge waste of resources but an unnecessary cost that is easily avoidable. To successfully cut down on food waste make sure to estimate the number of guests who’ll be attending accurately. It is also worth asking well in advance for any specific dietary requirements. If there is an excess of perishable food left over and it has been handled correctly, then food salvage programmes, such as The Trussell Trust, are always looking for donations.

Look Into Solar Power Energy

If the event you are organising requires stage lighting and sound, then it is worth looking into converting to solar power. This will not only help save you on electricity expenses, but it is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Event Solar is a UK company specialising in providing renewable energy to support stage lighting and sound systems at a number of events, including Glastonbury Festival.

If solar energy is not available or suitable for your event, then LED bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative. If you are looking to decorate your venue with fairy lights, then make sure to opt for LED bulbs. For electronic entertainment at your event, take a look at hiring one of our digital graffiti wall in London.

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Avoid Chemical Toilets

Organising an outdoor event will require the presence of portable toilets. These chemical toilets are not only extremely unpleasant, but they are also remarkably bad for our environment. Last year, Glastonbury Festival decided to introduce composting loos as opposed to chemical portable toilets. This saved the festival a huge amount of water and cut down on the amount of chemicals used. Rather than using chemicals, composting toilets use sawdust to eliminate the presence of unpleasant sights and smells. The waste is then left to decompose and is then spread on fields to fertilise the crops. Make sure also to purchase enough recycled toilet paper to reduce your event’s carbon footprint further.


If you implement all of the advice we have suggested into your event planning, then you are guaranteed to help cut event expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. If you have found any of the suggestions we’ve made to be beneficial, then feel free to let us know. If you have enjoyed this article, why not share it on your social channels?