As event planners, you will know how crucial vendors are when it comes to the success of your event. Vital elements such as catering, music, entertainment are all organised by various different vendors. However, understanding which vendors are guaranteed to provide you with the best service, tailored to your client, is something you must find out prior to your event. Once you have identified the leading vendors, it is then imperative to the success of your event and future events, to maintain a good relationship with your chosen vendors. However, the initial step, prior to maintaining a relationship, is to establish solid vendor relations. Here are some points to keep in mind when you’re searching for suitable vendors.

Establishing Long-lasting Vendor Relationships

Whether you work solo as an event planner or you have a team of staff working for you, successfully directing external vendors will be a significant part of your job. With your guidance though, vendors can actively transform an average event into an unforgettable experience. If the relationship is managed well, vendors can also help to save you time, money and hassle, becoming an integral part of your success. Here is how to start your research into locating and recruiting the very best vendors, tailored to you, your events and your clients.

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Perform Meticulous Research

Websites can often be deceiving, so don’t always trust or rely on a vendor’s website without conducting preliminary research. Nevertheless, when you’re on their website it is a good idea to make notes of their prices, locations, value and packages. The best insight you will have on this vendor though will be to look at their past reviews. Take a look to see if they are on sites such as Yell, Google Business and TrustPilot; if so, then see what people are saying about their service. This will give you an understanding of what past customers thought of their service.

Make sure to look at several different vendors offering the same service. Once you have gathered enough information about each of the companies, you can narrow down your list of potential people to work with. You can then give each of them a call. This will give you an idea on how they’ll treat you. Keep in mind the pros and cons of each of the companies whilst you’re on the phone. You are doing your part, by logically sorting through multiple vendors, to discover only the best vendor for your client. Once you have located the companies you feel will bring you most success, you can begin to build a long-lasting, professional relationship with them.

Invest Time into the Relationship

It is important to remember that the relationships you have with your different vendors need to be fostered, in order for it to grow and develop. It will benefit you to be aware that the vendors you have decided to work with will be working just as hard as you are. It is your job, as the event planner, to communicate the crucial information from the client to vendor, and vice versa. Vendors appreciate being told necessary information promptly and in a timely manner. This allows them to overcome any issues the client may have.

When it comes to nurturing your relationship with external vendors, it is always beneficial to listen to any issues they may have and communicate effectively at every stage of the organisation process. It is also worth establishing a mutually beneficial relationship so that you can strive off the success of each other.

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Establishing a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

It is a well-known fact that business relationships aren’t formed on the power of love. They’re based on the fact both partners has something the other one needs. It will only be constructive for you to establish a relationship with a vendor who also provides you with benefits.

In this area of work, the best thing about securing a solid vendor relationship means that you can offer them repeat business with many of your clients. In return for this, your vendor can recommend your services to their own clients or refer potential clients to you. By doing so, both you and your vendors can only improve and expand your business, whilst strengthening your relationship through good practices.

Follow Up After the Event

It is also essential that you follow up with your vendor after the event. This will help to uphold and maintain a good relationship, especially if the event was a success. It is good to communicate with the vendors about their involvement in the event and find out their thoughts on how it ran. Take this opportunity to also say thank you to them and their team for the hard work. Making sure they’re aware that you appreciated their involvement throughout the event will encourage them to work with you in the future.

Obviously, if the vendors didn’t deliver what was required or what you expected, then there is no point in maintaining the relationship. If you can’t see yourself benefiting from a close professional relationship with the company, then don’t waste time investing in them.

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So, hopefully, this article has run through the basics of how to establish a good relationship with your vendors. Make sure to perform an adequate amount of research into the company before you plunge into business with them. You also need to be aware and remember that a long-lasting, solid professional relationship will take time to grow and develop. The more positive and successful experiences you can unite on with your vendor, the stronger your relationship will become. Lastly, make sure that partnership is mutually beneficial for you both and that you both gain from the success of each other.

Following our advice and suggestions will help set you on the right track for forming a solid, long-term relationship with your vendors. If you’re looking for Digital Graffiti Wall Hire across the UK for your next event, then get in touch with Harry & Edge today. We provide only the friendliest, most professional service. If you have found this article useful to you, please feel free to share it on your social media.