There is nothing more deflating than spending hours of hard work organising an event for only a minimal amount of people to turn up. Not only can this significantly impact your budget for future events, but it can influence your morale and attitude. In order to avoid dismal turnout at your next event, we have devised a list of tactics on how to boost event attendance. Nevertheless, you must consider the fact that not all tips we have suggested may apply to every type of event. Here is our guide on how to successfully boost event attendance.

Tips on How To Boost Event Attendance

There are a few alterations you can make to your event planning to ensure the turnout for your event is successful. This can be anywhere from adjusting the venue location to creating incentives for early registrations. Statistics show that 50% of RSVPs or event registrations occur 2 weeks before the actual event date. The aim is to push registrations and RSVPs to be obtained earlier on. Keep reading for 6 ways to boost your event attendance.

1. Choose a convenient location

A sure way to drive attendees to your event is to make the location is easily accessible and affordable. Search for a venue that is located somewhere convenient for the majority of your guests to get to and distinctive enough to differentiate you from other venues. Nevertheless, you also want to ensure the venue is affordable enough that it won’t increase the per-attendee price by too much. For more information on how to find and secure the most suitable venue for your event, take a read of this article.

2. Avoid competing with local events

Make sure to check out the events going on around the date of yours and ensure none of them will cause you competing issues. If you have found a similar event to yours on the same day, then it is advised to reschedule. However, the alternative possibility is to plan your event either immediately before or after the competing event to capitalise on those already in the area. This is a riskier option and may not guarantee you the desired turnout. To find out more about events happening in your local area, take a look at Facebook Local.

3. Send out invitations early enough and then follow up with reminders

To be at the forefront of as many people’s minds as possible, sending out invitations early enough and then following up with reminders is crucial. Make sure attendees have confirmed your event in their diary to increase their chances of being able to attend. Sending out invitations well in advance will help to expand the number of individuals likely to be available.

You may also want to consider personalising the invitations you send out. You’re much more likely to receive a positive response if guests have noticed your attention to detail. It is also suggested to mail the invitations through the rather than sending them via email as a lot of people nowadays will ignore irrelevant looking messages.

Nevertheless, if you do decide to make the RSVP process online, then make sure contact and registration forms are as easy to complete as possible. You may also want to consider bulk registrations and bundled pricing. Once you have sent out the initial invitations and guests have accepted and confirmed, you can then begin sending out reminders. It is advised to send the reminder emails out 2 weeks, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day prior to your event. You could also make follow up phone calls to prospective attendees a week or so before the event. This is proven to increase attendance and helps to muster those individuals who may have forgotten about the event.

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4. Provide incentives for early registrations or RSVPs.

A great way of gathering as many attendees as possible early on is to provide early bird discounts. This is considered a technique used for more business-related events, but can also be used for shows and concerts. Other than a discount, there are other incentives you could offer to entice ticket sales; this could be anything from vouchers, discount codes or freebies. You can also then employ this technique again just a few days before the event to provide a second chance for those bargain hunters. Make sure to advertise sufficiently the fact you do offer discounts and freebies to those you purchase their tickets early on.

5. Promotion from your attendees

The best way to boost your event attendance will be through word of mouth. If you have a lot of people talking highly about your event, it is a guaranteed way to encourage others to attend. You may also want to ask other participants and speakers to promote your event to their networks.

Making it easy to spread the word about your event will be crucial to the attendance. If you are considering making the RSVP process online, then why not have a link that guests can use to share on their social media informing friends they have just purchased their ticket. This will help your event to reach an even wider audience an encourage friends of those attending to join.

6. Optimise your website for mobile devices

More of us nowadays use our phone to check emails and look things up on search engines, so it is no wonder that statistics show 20% of registrations are made on mobile devices. Because of this research, it is highly recommended to ensure your website is fully optimised for all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, make sure not to neglect the desktop website as this is still likely to be your main source of online registrations.


Hopefully, you will have found our tips suggested above useful and will make use of our information when you come to planning your next event. If you have had an unfortunate experience with poor event attendance, then why not inform us of the mistakes you made and how you overcame them. As an event planner, you may also be looking for event entertainment. If you are looking for photo booth hire in London, then get in touch with our team today for a free quote. If you have found this article and the information included useful, then please give it a share on your social media.