What We Did:

Last week, Harry & Edge attended Charlie’s Bar Mitzvah party. The event took place at the private member’s Roehampton Club, nestled in the heart of South West London. The celebration ran from 7 pm until 11 pm in the evening.

In keeping of Charlie’s coming of age extravagant birthday bash, we hired out our Classic Photo Booth, complete with a red carpet and rope barriers to set the tone of the party. We also provided luminous bright coloured hats as props for the guest to use when taking the photos. To make the evening memorable, the guests were able to put their photo booth print outs into a book and write the birthday boy a message in glow in the dark sharpie’s. This coincided with the neon, bright colour theme of the party, as the kids were sporting led light up headphones and shoes!

You can see from the pictures below that the Bar Mitzvah also included a Digital Graffiti Wall, where the children and adults were able to design their own graffiti art. They got really interactive with the wall, with the help of the different stencils, paint effects, and image features bringing out the creativity.

If you want to add a fun, interactive and experiential feature for your next party with the addition of our Digital Graffiti Wall or other services, get in touch with us today.