After celebrating your engagement and spending months planning your special day, there is nothing more disheartening than having to postpone. Sadly, this has been the case for many couples during the coronavirus period, and while the horizons are looking slightly brighter than a few months back, it is likely that a wedding planned for this year won’t be everything that you had hoped. More couples than not are now trying to reschedule their wedding, which comes with a whole host of hurdles and planning to ensure that everything is sorted and prepared. So, to lend you a helping hand and to take as much stress away from an already upsetting situation, we have pieced together a handy guide to rescheduling a wedding.

Your Guide To Rescheduling A Wedding

Having to postpone your wedding can make you feel sad and angry, and that anger is created for many reasons. The first being that you no longer get to have a date to look forward to and say your ‘I do’s’. The second being that some insurance providers are not lending you handouts or helping you resolve disputes with wedding planners about cancelling or rescheduling services. This makes what has already caused so much heartbreak even worse, and can make what was supposed to be a happy day something you wish to forget.

The first thing to remember is that it is ok to feel hurt and sad, as after all, it was supposed to be your special day. However, rather than turning something positive into a negative, organise yourself to reschedule your wedding to give you something to look forward to. While it will require just as much precision as planning the wedding itself, the more organised you are and the sooner you sort things out, the better. So, to make sure that you have considered everything and put the perfect tick-list together, here are our top tips for rescheduling a wedding:

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1. Deciding To Postpone Your Wedding

Despite a few locations going back into lockdown, most parts of the UK are now free to go about their usual business to an extent, provided that you are able to keep to social distancing measures. This means that you have one of two choices to make; either go ahead with the wedding and make adjustments and accept that it wouldn’t be the wedding you dreamt of, or postpone to next year to ensure every aspect is perfect. While we would advise speaking with close friends and family attending the wedding, this decision is solely yours to make, and it is a decision that you need to feel comfortable with.

If you were planning on having a small gathering for your wedding in your local church and reception with a few family and friends in a hall nearby, then you are likely to find that your wedding won’t change as much as planned. However, if you planned on going abroad with hundreds of guests overlooking your special day, unfortunately, this is not a realistic expectation to have in the current climate. A few things to consider about a pandemic wedding include:

  • Guest List – as of 15th August, the government increased the total number of wedding guests to 30 people. If you had planned for more guests, then you will either need to consider refining your guest list (this may not be ideal if you have already sent out invitations), or postpone the wedding
  • Inside Venues – weddings with inside venues are permitted to have fewer guests, whereas outside venues are allowed the maximum guests. If you wish to continue with your wedding, then we would suggest considering an outside location to allow more guest to come.
  • Catering – if you had planned a buffet-style catering, then you will need to reconsider your options. It is best to have a sit-down meal or think about having food vans to maintain social distancing and hygiene.
  • Suppliers – it is important to contact your suppliers to see if they are still able to supply you with the service you have booked. These businesses may not yet be open, have limited staff, or could even have possibly closed down.

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2. Inform Your Guests & Suppliers/Venue

If you do choose to postpone your wedding to allow for more guests to come and witness your ‘I do’s’, then the first step is to contact your guests to let them know that you have had to rearrange your wedding date. While you may not have a new wedding date yet, it allows guests to make their own arrangements and cancellations of travel and accommodation. This can be one of the hardest parts when it comes to postponing your wedding, but your guests will completely understand the circumstances and would rather you let them know and rearrange, then potentially not invite them or plan an uncomfortable wedding. If you are struggling to know what to say to your guests, or how to contact them, then we would suggest that you take a look at Hitched for advice and tips.

3. Consult With Your Wedding Insurance

When you first planned your wedding, it is likely that you purchased wedding insurance; this is particularly vital for those making large purchases such as a wedding planner or an expensive venue. Most wedding insurance companies will provide you with a different cover, but as a standard, they are likely to cover you for loss or uncontrollable damage (for example, fire or theft) to wedding outfits, rings, cake and flowers. They will also cover you up to a certain amount in the event of cancellations. You can find out more about what is covered and extras you can get on The Guardian. If you are planning on having your wedding this year or next year, then we would highly recommend taking out wedding insurance in the event of another lockdown.

Sadly, not all insurance providers cover cancellation due to coronavirus, so it is highly advised that you contact your provider to question this. If your insurance does not cover pandemics or cancellations, then try not to panic. Your next step is to contact your suppliers, venue and anything else that you have already paid for; while it may not be the case for all services, many businesses are offering free rescheduling. This means that while you will not be able to cancel your preparations, you won’t be losing out on your money; this makes it important to contact these individuals as soon as you have decided to postpone.

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4. Celebrate The Day

While you may not have the day that you had planned, it is still important to make sure that you enjoy and celebrate your planned wedding date with your partner. This can be done privately, or you could even invite the future in-laws for a social distancing BBQ. To make sure that you still have a day to remember, consider these options for celebrating:

  • Go Out For Dinner – most restaurants have now reopened, so you can enjoy a nice romantic meal out with your loved one. To make things even better, if you’re wedding day was Monday-Wednesday, then you can take advantage of the governments Eat Out To Help Out scheme!
  • Bake Your Wedding Cake – have some fun in the kitchen by attempting to make your wedding cake; this can then be enjoyed while looking through old photos, planning your postponed wedding, or simply sat in the garden with a cold drink.
  • Buy A Wedding Gift – you can still make one another feel special by purchasing a wedding gift, and the more personal the gift, the better.
  • Zoom Call Guests – get everyone involved on what was your special day with a zoom call. All of your guests can join in the celebrations, with everyone dressing up or everyone cooking the same meal and enjoying it together. You can even do a pub-style quiz or the shoe game.

You can find a host of other postponed wedding celebrations on Rock My Wedding!

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5. Choose Another Date

Knowing what date to postpone your wedding to can be hard with all the uncertainty of when the pandemic will blow over. It is likely that the rest of this year is a write-off, as things are slowly getting back to normal, but there is still a high chance of the country facing a second wave. For this reason, many couples are looking to postpone their wedding to next year. While this is certainly a good idea, it is still important to think about what time of year will be best and whether you will be able to book in for your chosen date. There will be many other couples that have already booked their date for next year, and now, many more rescheduling for the same time. It is likely that those wishing to have a summer wedding have planned to postpone until next summer, so it is important to make sure that you schedule in your venues and other key wedding preparations before it all gets booked up.

If possible, try and book in the same date as your original wedding day, but if not, as close as you can get. This gives you something to celebrate this year on the day you were supposed to get married, and it is likely that you had timed it in line with school closure dates, for example. Once you have decided upon your new date, contact your guests by sending invitations as you would have done before to make it feel just as exciting and official.

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6. Update Your Plans

A wedding involves a multitude of planning, whether that be decorations, catering or entertainment; this means that you are likely going to have to rearrange plans with a lot of companies. It is important to first contact your suppliers and businesses you are working with to let them know you are rearranging your dates to see if they are happy to do so at a fee or free of charge. Once you have arranged your date, contact them and let them know to see if they are able to schedule you in. Once everything is set in stone, you are bound to feel less stressed and can look forward to your big day.

7. Arrange Your Socially Distancing Entertainment

Whether you are planning to have your wedding later this year or into 2021, it is likely that there will still be some form of social distancing measures in place. For this reason, it is important to make sure that every element of your wedding can cater to social distancing, and that includes your entertainment. Luckily, there are a whole host of fun and engaging entertainment ideas that you can consider when planning your postponed wedding.

A very good example of this is our photo booth hire in London. While some booths such as our classic booth may not be ideal for socially distanced group photos, there are an abundance of other booths that can be used to keep you and your guests safe without compromising on fun. For example, our hashtag printing booth is perfect for capturing those funny and loving moments at your wedding without everyone getting too close. The hashtag photobooth in London allows your guests to snap a picture and then post it on social media using a designated hashtag to your special day and print it out in the hashtag booth.

Another fantastic and quirky booth idea is our mirror booth, which will allow guests to stand apart while striking a pose in our beautiful and detailed photo booth. Not only does the booth interact with you and your guests, but it also provides you with personal print outs, allowing you to print a personal message onto the photos. If you are looking to create a fun evening to remember while abiding by social distancing guidelines, then please feel free to speak with the team about our photobooth hire in London.

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8. Create A Backup Plan

While you might not want to think about it, there is the likelihood that something could go wrong, and you could find yourself in a similar situation again. It is always important to have a backup plan in these uncertain times, as it allows you to ensure that if the worst-case scenario were to occur, you won’t get too stressed or disappointed. To do this, you will need to make a contingency plan, which allows you to make alterations to your wedding day if something were to happen. For example, with the local lockdowns, you may find that your wedding venue is closed for a few weeks or so. In this case, you will need to arrange another venue in short notice which can be stressful. We would advise that you create a plan that allows you to have your wedding inside or outside, as it is more likely that an outdoor wedding can go ahead under most circumstances.

Things that you will need to include in your contingency plan include:

  • Guest list (think about possible limitations)
  • Outdoor options at your venue
  • Budget
  • Catering (you may not be able to have a buffet style)
  • Entertainment cancellations

You can find out more about wedding contingency planning and how to create one for your special day on One Fab Day.

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Successfully Planning For Pandemic Wedding

While it can be distressing to have planned a special day that was perfect in every single way, it is important to remember that there are solutions to the problem, and with a little bit of planning and organisation, everything is made a whole lot easier. Postponing your wedding is one of the safest and most viable options in the current situation, and it will allow you to invite all for the guests you wish and have the day of your dreams.