There is always something truly magical about a wedding day – a day fuelled by the purest of happiness. For the happy couple, the lead up to the big day is filled with excitement, perhaps intertwined with a slight feeling of nerves. Each stage of the planning process is ticked off the ‘to-do’ list with complete precision to guarantee the perfect day.

As you reach the last steps, when all of the large-scale tasks are out of the way, its time to begin preparing the finishing touches. Here you are free to be a little more creative, incorporating your personality into your big day. There are a plethora of different ways to personalise your wedding, from fun photo booth snaps to keepsake favours – here are our top eight!

Fun Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be somewhat tedious. There are a host of different tasks to complete before the pressure of planning begins to ease. While it may feel as if it takes months to reach a stage where everything starts to come together, it does mean that you have entered the most exciting part. Here you can begin to experiment with quirky, unique ideas that will add a personal touch to your big day. There are so many fantastic options to choose from, ranging from both ends of the price scale.

1. Hire A Photobooth

There’s nothing quite like the belly giggles you feel from looking back at silly photos from a memorable evening. So, why not give your guests a host of fun keepsakes through photo booth hire?

Opting to hire a photo booth remains one of the most popular wedding entertainment options, and we can most definitely see why! With more photo booth shapes, colours and themes available than ever, each component can be perfectly tailored to reflect the happy couple. Whether you adore a traditional-style classic photo booth or a modern selfie mirror alternative, it has never been easier to incorporate the fun of a photo booth to your special day.

Not only do photo booths come alongside endless laughs, but also an array of personalisation opportunities. With the ability to customise your own artwork or decorations, your booth can be designed to complement your theme. Every guest will be given a keepsake which they can take home to remember your day forever.

Many of our clients who book photo booth hire in London add a guestbook stand at the exit of their photo booth. In doing this, guests can pop their printout into the guestbook and write a message for the newlyweds. We love the gorgeous collection of wedding guestbooks on Ginger Ray!

Photobooth props

2. Create A Time Capsule

After months or perhaps even years of planning your big day, it would be a shame for all things ‘wedding’ to come to a close the moment that the day ends. A fantastic way to give yourself something extra special to look forward to is to create a time capsule.

During venue decoration planning, place a time capsule table at the entrance of your reception – this will keep your guests entertained while they wait for their meal. Included on the table will be plenty of paper and pens, alongside the capsule of your choice. Love Emma stocks the perfect wooden time capsule memory box, which can be engraved with the message of your choice.

All guests will be invited to write a note to the newlyweds, which will then be placed in the time capsule and saved for the future. The happy couple could even hide a message to each other amongst the notes from guests. As the day reaches a close, the time capsule will be nailed shut and reopened on the couple’s anniversary – this could be the 1st or even the 10th!

3. DIY Wedding Favours

If you adore utilising your creative side, taking the time to design your own DIY wedding favours would be the ideal way to add a personalised touch. Not only will guests enjoy a meaningful thank you for sharing your special day, but they will also know that each has been made with love.

When searching for the perfect wedding favours, you will most definitely not be short for ideas. There are a plethora of excellent ways that you can create super easy favours while adding a touch of personality to each. Some of our favourite ideas include the following:

  • Fridge Magnets – As a keepsake that you know will always be used, designing your own wedding fridge magnets couldn’t be easier. Camaloon allows you to customise magnets, including the text and photos of your choice. Once completed, select the quantity that you require and they will be delivered to your door.
  • Sweet Jars – Fill small jars with your favourite sweets and pop on a tag with your guest’s name printed or written on. Hobbycraft stock a generous selection of gift tags, which can be attached to jars with string for a retro feel.
  • Hot Chocolate Kits – Particularly if you are planning a Winter wedding, a hot chocolate kit would be the perfect wedding favour. Pick up handled mason jars, along with hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Similarly to the sweet jars, you can add a label using gift tags.
  • Flower Seed Packs – If you and your partner are keen gardeners then why not gift your guest mini seed packets filled with your favourite flowers. Once planted, guests will have a keepsake of your wedding to admire for years to come.

Sweet wedding favours

4. Digital Graffiti Wall

A digital graffiti wall is one of the most innovative personalisation techniques, ideal for encouraging guests of all ages to get involved. Using unique and interactive technology, graffiti walls allow guests to use digital tools to create their own artwork. With an array of different paint effects, stencils and animations available, every guest can bring their vision to life. With every creation, guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy live printing at your wedding venue to create souvenirs of the day. Just some of the many items that artwork can be printed onto include:

  • Mugs
  • Postcards
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Keyrings
  • Tea Towels
  • T-Shirts

5. Homemade Dessert Table

Calling all ‘Bake Off’ enthusiasts – this one is for you! As opposed to incorporating a dessert into your reception meal, instead, create a homemade dessert table where guests can help themselves throughout the evening. It is perfect if you want to take a more relaxed, casual approach to wedding catering. Guests will be able to grab their favourites bakes as they get a little peckish throughout the celebration.

Along with baking your own sweet treats, you could also invite your most talented loved ones to contribute to the dessert table. Whether your grandma is known for her delicious Victoria sponge or your best friend makes mouthwatering brownies, it is almost guaranteed that they will be honoured to play a role in your special day!

As you will be swapping your expensive desserts for tasty homemade alternatives, your additional savings can be used to create an enticing table display. Consider purchasing vintage-style cake stands and floral accessories for a real ‘afternoon tea’ feel.

6. Customised Photo Wall

There is no better way to customise your wedding venue than through creating a photo feature wall. Ahead of your wedding date, ask guests to send over any photos of happy memories they share with the special couple. Snaps can be recent or from their childhood – the more variation, the better!

Once you have collected all of your photographs, its time to get creative. Many opt for scanning the original pictures and printing them onto retro, Polaroid-style paper. It is entirely your choice how you decide to showcase your photos. However, our favourite method is through delicately hanging pictures on string with miniature wooden pegs. To make your stand, attach string horizontally across a large wooden frame. When secure, you can begin strategically pinning photographs to your frame.

7. Themed Table Names

When planning a wedding reception, many overlook table arrangements. While numbering tables is a straightforward way to group your guests for their meal, it is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to get a little creative. Scrap the conventional numbering technique and instead, choose table names that reflect you, as a couple. Think carefully about themes that not only add a personal touch but are also subjects that your guests will understand. Whether you adore all things Disney or are a hardcore football enthusiast, you will never be short for table themes. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Hitched has put together a super helpful article including 47 unique ideas!

Another benefit of naming tables something a little more fun is that it is a fantastic point of conversation for guests. At weddings, those sat on tables together are not always familiar with each other, so a quirky ordering system will be the perfect way to begin the conversation. The more comfortable your guests feel around each other, the more relaxed you will feel, as the hosts.

8. Light-Up Letters

Light-up letters have continued to grow in popularity as the perfect addition to your wedding venue decorations. The stylish 5ft white LED letters create a real focal point for your reception, creating a magical backdrop for your first dance and photos throughout the evening. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them the perfect addition to any wedding theme.

When hiring light-up letters, you are free to spell out any words that you wish. While the traditional route is to opt for ‘Mr & Mrs’ or simply ‘Love’, there is no reason why you cannot use the elegant letter lights to spell your newly shared surname!

Light up letters

A Wedding As Unique As You Are

Every couple has their own quirky traits, so make your day just that extra special through incorporating personalised features. Not only will customised finishing touches add a unique twist, but it will also create a day that is truly memorable for all of your guests. The day will be unlike anything they would have seen before – we can guarantee that your “I Do’s” will go down in history!