Each year, there are a whole host of new, innovative ideas to add a unique twist to your corporate events. Whether you enlist the help of an expert event planner or leave all organisation to your team, choosing the perfect entertainment to keep your guests busy throughout the event is vital.

Interactive entertainment options are most definitely a keen favourite and whats better than a photobooth giving your guests to chance to take home a fun keepsake from your event. If you’re in the process of preparing for a corporate event, why not take a look at these six photobooth ideas?

Photobooth Ideas To Promote Your Business

Investing money into planning a corporate event or running a long-term campaign is all about seeing a huge return that will benefit your business. You want to spark a talking point between guests, clients and customers which will leave an imprint in their mind, so next time they are in need of a product or service you provide, you will be their first port of call.

Hiring a photo booth, whether this may be for one single event or on a more long-term basis as part of a campaign is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Not only will people be rushing to have their slot in front of the camera, but they will also be taking home a representation of your business.

1. Retail

In the past few years, we’ve seen global brands such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Selfridges invest in an in-store photo booth. All have been particularly clever with choosing which stores to open up a photo booth in, focusing on areas with the highest level of tourism such as London and Birmingham to ensure that they see a high return.

Opting for adding a photo booth to your retail premises is a fantastic way of achieving unintentional marketing. Customers are more than likely going to share their snaps on social media, which printed with your logo will encourage an increase both brand awareness and visitors who will want their very own printouts. Creating your own hashtag to accompany any social media uploads will help you to stay on track of uploads, allowing you to share all posts from customers. You can even create a ‘wall of fame’ behind the photo booth where customers can add their photos to on exit.

It is easy to tailor your booth to the season, creating seasonal backdrops or filters such as a Christmas ‘winter wonderland’ scene as a background. You could even invest into a box of props for the Summer months including giant sunglasses and inflatable beach balls.

woman holding shopping bags

2. Marketing/Networking Event

Hiring a photo booth London for either marketing or corporate events is one of the leading uses of booths. They are a fun way to encourage potential clients, customers, employees or even investors to come over for a chat. At a large scale business event, it can be easy to be engulfed in the many stalls and become unnoticed, whereas a photo booth guarantees that you will stand out from the crowd. Everyone loves a freebie, even more so if it is something unique that they can make use out of. Rather than giving out the generic pens, notebooks or keyrings that often get tucked away in a drawer and forgotten about, give them a photo they can display.

Your booth can even be used to gain valuable feedback; a business questionnaire can be given to booth visitors on arrival and placed in a box on exit.

3. Beauty Industry

With new cosmetic clinics, beauty and hair salons opening just about every month, it can sometimes prove tricky to uncover new ways to keep regular business. Running events every few months is a fantastic way to encourage new visitors, whether this may be a product launch party or open day.

A photo booth is excellent way to advertise a new product. After an introduction to the new product and a question and answer session, guests will have their chance to visit the booth to take a photo with the new product; you could place a box if free testers at the entrance to encourage clients to take a further look. The backdrop of your booth can be tailored to the product branding.

If you have clients who regularly visit your cosmetic clinic Milton Keynes and are part of a loyalty scheme, a lovely way to give back and thank them for their support is to throw an invite-only open day. With prosecco on arrival, bowls of nibbles, a chance to have a taster of new treatments and as many visits as they would like to your photo booth, your pamper day will go down a storm!

woman at hair salon

4. Milestone Celebrations

Is your business approaching a special birthday or anniversary of a milestone event? Throwing a celebration party or luxury dinner is a fantastic way to show your appreciation to every member of the team who has made your success possible. It’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and allow your corporate team to let their hair down. You could arrange for an awards ceremony for the highest achievers and employees who have had the most significant impact on the business. Adding a photo booth to your event would be great for entertainment and can be tailored to say for example, “10 years of …” with your business name.

If you’re yet to throw an awards evening, take a look at this Venue Seeker article for 8 top tips!

5. Educational Visits

Many different schools, universities and local councils throw regular open days, job fairs and apprenticeship shows for students looking for future career ideas, which is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your business. It can sometimes be tough to grab the attention of teenagers, so it’s time to start thinking of unique ideas to get them rushing to your stall or station – what’s better than a photo booth?

Not only will students go crazy over the chance to have their go in the photo booth with their friends, but while they wait, it gives you an opportunity to provide some information on your business, how they could become part of the team, future prospects and hand out any leaflets or booklets.

school children at conference

6. Team Buildings

Whether you throw annual or quarterly team building activities, over time, it can be easy to start running out of ideas. Many organisations stick to throwing a Summer fete or BBQ, which is always goes down exceptionally well, particularly if team members can invite their family. Team building activities are a proven way to encourage a more productive workplace with better communication skills.

As well as the traditional bouncy castle, fairground rides and food stalls, why not also hire a photo booth for all of the family to visit?

Hire A Photobooth At Your Next Event!

No matter the industry you specialise in, a photo booth at your next event is guaranteed to go down a storm. Your booth can be tailored to your branding and brings hours of fun for guests!