As Christmas is fast approaching, many employees tend to be keen to bring the festive spirit into the office. If you’re looking for alternatives to hosting an annual Christmas party, then as an employer, there are many ways you can boost your team’s Christmas spirit. From introducing secret Santa to hosting a day of Christmas activities, there are a plethora of ways you can encourage festively themed team building. Here are 5 Christmas team building ideas that you should implement into your business.

The Benefits of Investing in Christmas Team Building

The best way, as a business owner, is to think of team building as an investment rather than an expense. Rewarding your staff for their hard work throughout the months leading up to Christmas will only impact positively on you, as their boss, and their general mentality towards the job. Companies who have developed a growing appreciation for how team-building actively affects working attitudes often feel the less of a need to resort to management intervention. Organising off-site activities are often far better and help to generate a sense of novelty and excitement.

Nevertheless, that said, there are a number of engaging team building activities you can organise in the office which will have a just as good effect. Christmas is also the perfect time to treat your staff members and help to inspire them and stimulate efficient working performance. As we mentioned before, team building activities are an investment almost guaranteed to generate positive, long-term results. Here are several ideas to inspire your team-building planning.

Charity Work

Christmas is all about the season of being charitable, and if you feel your business could do more to support charities, then now is a perfect time. Furthermore, a lot of charities will be desperate for help and volunteers in the buildup to Christmas. It would be nice to find a charity that fits with your business, or a charity particularly close to yours or other employee’s hearts.

Helping out in homeless shelters, organising gifts to be given to children’s homes or even serving Christmas lunch at an older people’s home are just a few ideas of how you can go about helping someone less fortunate this Christmas. If you’re interested in pursuing this line of team-building, then take a look at Time Bank, who specialises in organising corporate volunteering, especially around Christmas time.

Secret Santa

Secret santa is a great bonding exercise and an effective way of helping unfamiliar colleagues engage with one another. It also naturally eliminates the complicated issue of some members of staff buying gifts for each other and leaving others out. Here are some secret Santa gift ideas.

So, at the beginning of December, ask all staff members to pull a name out of a hat, and whoever they are allocated, they must buy a gift for. To make the experience even more unique, you could agree on a theme that everyone has to stick to. Here are some secret santa themes we thought of.

  • Homemade Gifts Only – this is a time consuming, but low cost option.
  • Mugs and Coffee Cups – so that everyone has their very own mug personal to them for tea breaks.
  • Christmas Decorations – a small ornament for the tree or tacky decoration for entertainment.
  • Alcohol – this gives everyone a huge variety of choice to pick from.
  • Board Games – these always get played at christmas and with such an extensive range of fun games it’ll be easy to find a winner gift.
  • Local gifts – only purchase from small local businesses in your area such as independent gift shops and farmshops.

Activities in the Office

Choose one day in the month of December, to turn off all of the computers and ban your employees from doing their work. Instead, spend the day decorating the office, playing games and possibly hire a professional entertainer. It will feel like the end of the school term for your staff members and bring back that nostalgic feeling.

You can have a combination of board games and electronic games. Set up an Xbox and PlayStation in one room which will be great for groups. Ask employees to bring in other games they fancy playing and run tournaments. You could also look into the addition of a Digital Graffiti Wall which is guaranteed to provide lots of entertainment on the day and get staff members engaging creatively with one another.

A Day Out

As we mentioned before, sometimes taking your employees for a day out is all it requires to encourage an increased level of enthusiasm. The best way to organise a team social outing is to gather ideas from the employees themselves. This way you can then narrow down the most favoured suggestions and put it to a blind vote. Here are some ideas for where you can take your staff to help everyone bond and inspire great team spirit.

  • Dog Races
  • Meal Out
  • Casino Trip
  • Escape Room
  • Go Karting
  • Paint Balling

office decorations

Bring Your Children To Work Day

The last team-building activity we thought of, was the idea of hosting a ‘bring your children to work day’. You will need to accept that it won’t be a productive day at work, but it will be fun! With children being on their Christmas holiday break, it can also be a struggle for parents to find childcare. So you may be helping out your employees massively, even for just one day.

Parents also love to show off their children, so it gives the staff a chance to bring into work something they’re really proud of and bond with other parents. Nevertheless, the remaining members of staff who don’t have children may not want to have anything to do with the chaos that will become your office. So, it might be worth offering these individuals a quiet place to work, or a day off.


Overall, we hope you have found this collection of ideas to be beneficial to you when it comes to organising Christmas themed team building activities. Christmas is the perfect time to reward your hard-working members of staff and remind them how much you value and appreciate their input all year round. If you have found this article useful, please feel free to share it on your social media.