21st birthdays are the perfect excuse to get all of your loved ones together to celebrate in style. Through decorations, themes and styles, you can make your birthday something to remember. One of the best parts about planning your birthday is thinking about the theme and all of the unique and quirky decorations that you can incorporate. To give you a little inspiration for your birthday, here are our top 21st birthday party themes.

Our Top 21st Birthday Party Themes

There are a whole host of different ideas and themes that can make your day extra special. Whether you have a small group or big party to plan for, there will always be something that suits your taste. Once you have chosen a theme and decided how many people will be at your birthday party, you will need to consider the range of other elements that contribute to the perfect birthday. Things you may need to plan for includes:

  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Invitations
  • Food
  • Cake
  • Ballons
  • Entertainment
  • Timing
  • Waiters
  • Music
  • For a full list of things to consider when planning a birthday party, take a look at Real Simples article. Here you can find a checklist that you can print out to make sure that you have definitely completed every task before the big day.

    21st Birthday Party

    1. Roll Out The Red Carpet

    On your birthday, you tend to be the centre of attention and dress up in something rather special. So why not take your looks to the red carpet and make yourself a celebrity for the day? There is nothing quite as special as having all the spotlight on you while you’re looking glamorous! The perfect thing about a red carpet theme is that you could set it for any time period that you like. For example, you could have a 1920’s red carpet themed party whereby everyone has to wear what the movie stars were wearing back in the day.

    The first step for your red carpet inspired party, is to make sure that you have your invitations printed and sent to all of your nominees. The design of your invitations should shout sophistication and glamour with red and gold printed across the front. You can create stunning invitations by using Vista Print’s design and even print out some fancy stickers with the address of your guests.

    Decorations are what make your event the complete package, from cutlery to balloons, every little addition can have a big impact. To give it a movie vibe so that there is no doubting what theme your party is, why not add some film clapper boards to the tables with a quirky film, including your name. You can even personalise your clap board on Personalise Online, allowing you to print on your birth date and name. These are a perfect addition as you can also take these into your photo booth for friends and family to take a funny picture together. Make sure that your photo booth goes with your theme by opting for our classic photo booth; this booth has a red carpet as well as red poles, making it the perfect addition. Contact the team today for more information about our photo booth hire in London.

    Red Carpet Photo Booth

    2. All You Can Eat Candyland

    Pretty in pink is what comes to mind when you think about a Candyland, and it gives you the opportunity to go all out with your decorations and unique touches. Obviously, you can’t have a Candyland without having an array of sweets for everyone to get hyper on. The first step to creating this theme is to make sure that you have a stand, or multiple stands, dotted about with an array of sweet treats to indulge on. Add a few cupcakes, chocolate and sweets to your table, making sure that you cater to everyone’s dietary requirements and ensure that there are some Lactose-free and gluten-free options. Make sure to include our candy floss machine and chocolate fountain, for a fun and entertaining sweet addition.

    After you’ve got your candy stall ready, it’s time to set up the rest of the decorations, keeping in mind that the more colourful they are, then better! Small additions such as rainbow confetti and neon paper plates, will add to the theme just as much as colourful balloons. Every detail will have an impact, so make sure that you go all out, so the whole room looks like a world full of colour and joy. You can find some decoration inspiration on Pinterest, where there are an array of cakes and party bag touches.

    Friends Eating Doughnuts

    3. Getting Sporty

    Getting hyper off lots of colourful sweets isn’t for everyone, so why not tone it down and create a fun night centred around games and friends. You can add some music and let everyone mingle with one another while playing a fun game of darts. Other game ideas include our very own games table hire and racing car simulator. Just because you want to tone things down, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on entertainment and fun, unique ideas. You could even have the football on a large TV and have a sports bar located in the corner.

    To add to your evening, why not include some bite-sized treats for everyone to enjoy? You can follow Kitchen Sanctuary’s recipe for mini burgers and serve them up with a beer in a miniature glass; this will allow your friends and family to have as little or as much as they like. For an extra chilled out vibe, you could even choose to have a mini-fridge or buckets full of ice containing your drinks.

    When it comes to food, you can choose to cater the party yourself or have street food vans. Pizza vans are extremely popular at the moment and are relatively easy to hire out. On the other hand, you could also opt for a classic burger van or taco boats. When it comes to a sporty themed 21st birthday party, you don’t have to go all out with decorations as long as there are food, drinks and a whole host of fun and entertaining games.

    4. The Mad Hatters Tea Party

    Go a little mad with decorations when planning your mad hatter’s tea party for your 21st birthday. Invite over a few of your friends and have a fun picnic out in the garden for a rustic and quirky birthday. Place a long table under a large tree so that you can hang a variety of decorations, and place some mismatched chairs beside the table. You can either purchase chairs with different designs or buy wooden chairs and paint them all a different colour.

    Decorate your table with a variety of dainty floral plates and a crochet table cloth along with a spray of flowers. You should also consider having cake stands dotted about the table so you can place an afternoon tea on them along with a pot of tea. Above the table, you can place fairy lights, bunting and hang lanterns for a pretty twinkle both during the day and the night.

    Don’t forget to take some stunning photos of your decor and friends by using our handheld selfie mirror. You can pass the mirror around the table and get group selfies for a fun and interactive addition to the party. If you are interested in using our self mirror, feel free to contact the team today for more information about photo booth rental in London.

    Tea Party

    5. Mysterious Masquerade

    A masquerade ball is all about the mystery of who is behind the mask and creates a fun way for people to dress up. The first step to create this theme is to think about what colour scheme you would like your decorations. You can put this colour scheme on your fancy invitations as well as making the invitations themselves a sneak preview of the colours guests can expect.

    When you know what theme you are going to choose, you can begin to plan for your decorations. We would recommend going for gold and black; this way you can have all of your tables, chairs and walls covered in black wraps and add a pop of shiny gold through other elements such as plates, cutlery, balloons and lights. A fun way to decorate your tables is to place a gold mask on everyone’s plates; this will add some colour and is a fun keepsake for you and your guests. To make sure that the night runs smoothly, you could also plan ahead and write the names of your guests on each mask so that they know where they are sitting.

    Seeing as everyone will be dressed up for the special occasion, why not introduce a photo booth into your party plans? Our mirror photo booth is the perfect addition if you opt for a gold colour scheme as the frame of the photo booth is gold. Not only will it go with your theme, but it also gives you and your guests a form of memorabilia to take home and remember the evening forever.


    Start Planning Your 21st Birthday

    Preparation is key when it comes to planning any event, especially a special one such as your 21st birthday. Making sure that you have ticked everything off the list so that it all runs smoothly will help to ensure that your birthday is exactly as you planned it. The theme adds to the fun while also making it easier to plan and decorate your venue. So start planning your birthday party today and make sure to incorporate a fun and entertaining photo booth.