At the age of 13, Jewish boys become responsible for their actions and are no longer considered to be minors; this is the becoming of a Barmitzvah. For Jewish girls, according to Conservative and Orthodox Jews, they become Batmitzvahs at the age of 12 and are old enough to follow the Torah’s commandments. To mark this significant milestone in the child’s life, it has become a tradition to throw an extravagant party in celebration. If you are struggling for Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Theme Ideas, then we have thought of 10 unique alternatives guaranteed to make the momentous turning point.

The Most Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Theme Ideas

While the Bar/Bat Mitzvah event itself is supposed to symbolise a child’s coming of age, there is no doubting the fact a lot of attention goes into the party. If you’re going to throw an event, you may as well throw one that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. Below is an abundance of ideas assured to inspire your event planning, assisting you to host the most memorable event of the year.

1. Hollywood Theme

Throw a red carpet event, Hollywood style. Insist on a black tie dress code to create an authentic atmosphere. For the adults, this could be a cocktail dress or dinner jacket and black tie, and for the younger attendees, this is an opportunity to exhibit their finest attire. Inspired by La La Land, why not hire a live swing or jazz band for the night to instantly add sultry glamour to the night. Make sure to decorate the venue in a plethora of fairy lights, glitter table decorations, and a red carpet. You could also hire photo booths in London to add an element of fun to your event and provide guests with a photographic souvenir of the night.

2. Tropical Theme

Incorporate fruit palm tree centrepieces, island music and scenic lighting to pull off an incredible tropical themed party. The dress code for this event could be a little more relaxed, allowing guests to arrive in what they consider to be tropically themed outfits. Make sure there is plenty of tropical fruits and other traditional food available.

3. Under the Sea

Focus more on the mythical creature’s side of an ‘Under the Sea’ theme, rather than Jaws. Hang brightly coloured paper fish from invisible string and set the mood lighting to an underwater shade of /wp-content/uploads/old. You could incorporate mermaids and mermen into the table centrepieces and project images of moving fish onto the dancefloor. Combining all of these elements will guarantee you an unbelievable underwater theme bar/bat mitzvah.

4. Candyland Theme

This is an ideal theme for a someone particularly known for their sweet tooth. Think of the addictive game ‘Candy Crush‘ or book and film, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, when you’re decorating the venue. Arrange human-sized gingerbread men, icecreams and lollipops around the room. Greet your guests through an enormous candy arch with candy-themed drinks and sweet canapes to start the night off. Have a dessert bar instead of the main meal and let your guests help themselves to as much as they wish.
sweetie jars

5. Sports Theme

Whether your child’s favourite sport is football, rugby or baseball, why not revolve the theme around the game they’re most passionate about? Decorate the tables in different team colours and seat guests on their chosen team table. You could also break up the evening with a fun sports-theme quiz and present the winning table with a prize. Make sure to send out invitations that look like a sporting event ticket to indicate to guests what they should expect.

6. Game Theme

Set up different entertaining games around the venue and invite guests to enter a large-scale competition. Present a prize to the winner of the night through a point gaining system. A popular game played at a number of bar/bat mitzvah’s is the balloon stomp. Each competitor has a balloon tied to their ankle and players must attempt to pop each other’s balloons whilst protecting your own. For more information on this game, have a read of this article we found.

7. Fairytale

Host a fairytale banquet fit for only Kings and Queens in a medieval castle theme venue. Alternatively, you could go down the enchanted forest theme and decorate the room with fairy lights, toadstools and woodland creatures. A fairytale theme party wouldn’t be accurate without the presence of enchanted props, consider occupying wishing wells, magic mirrors, spell books and life-size beanstalks for the night. You could also hire a woodland theme forest backdrop to create the perfect setting.
fairy lights

8. Alice In Wonderland Theme

Throw a Mad Hatter’s Teaparty in celebration of your child’s bar/bat mitzvah. Place human-size cardboard cut outs of all the Alice In Wonderland characters around the room and leave props on the tables for guests to entertain themselves with. Decorate the room patterned tablecloths, flower garlands, vintage cake stands and floral teapots to create a true wonderland feel. You could even ask attendees to dress as their favourite characters from the book and award the best-dressed guests with awards.

9. Superhero Theme

Ask your guests to attend the event dressed as their favourite superhero character. Have the room split in half; the good side vs. the evil side and decorate it accordingly. You could also include a bat cave of the younger guest to chill out in; have an alcohol-free bar with hightop tables and barstools. Make sure to include a full-size bat-signal into the decoration of the room to create that authentic superhero atmosphere.

10. Graffiti Theme

With this urban theme, you can be sure to get all your guests involved creating artwork all evening. Hire a digital graffiti wall in London and provide your guests with hours of entertainment. Make sure to provide a dance floor space and possibly hire street dancers to perform for your guests. Ensure the venue is creatively illuminated and provide glow-in-dark sticks and necklaces for everyone to wear. You could even have graffiti activities on each table to amuse guests while they wait for the meal.


We hope this article has provided you with an abundance of inspiration in order to effectively plan and execute your son or daughter’s bar/bat mitzvah. If you have found this article useful or influential in any way, then feel free to share it with friends on your social channels.