While a cliche wedding offers you stunning chicness and a traditional essence, it’s not always for everyone. Luckily, through the use of unique touches, colour and entertainment, you can create a memorable wedding that epitomises your style and character. From rustic and bohemian weddings outside to a hint of quirky colour, there are tons of ways to make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

To give you some inspiration, we have pieced together a selection of wedding themes and a host of decoration ideas to help you start planning your dream wedding.

Wedding Themes, Decorations & Entertainment For Inspiration

If you are looking for a quirky wedding, then you have come to the right place! We love being able to create unique and wonderful events for our clients, which is why we offer a wide selection of unique entertainment. From our photobooths in London to our tantalisingly tasty chocolate fountains and candy floss machine, there are so many ways you can bring a unique element to your big day.

To start planning your wedding, it is always best to begin with the theme; this will help you find the ideal location and start piecing together your decorations for the perfect day. However, if you’re not a big fan of the traditional crystal white wedding, then it can be hard to think of a theme that will be just as, if not more memorable. So, to begin the journey to the perfect wedding, click on the links below to jump straight to the inspiration you need:

Wedding Cake

Wedding Theme Ideas

Whether you like a bohemian feel or a quirky essence, there are an abundance of wedding theme ideas you can take into consideration. Truly Experiences has a great article on popular wedding themes, but to get you started, here are our four favourite:

Rustic Wedding Theme

A rustic wedding theme is where you combine traditional elements with boho-chic to create a tea party vibe with a twist. This theme utilises natural colours such as cream and beige, which can make it exceptionally easy for you to find the perfect decorations to match the theme. Hanging up fabric bunting and fairy lights is a great way to take inspiration from your surroundings to create a soft and elegant fairy tale aesthetic. Wooden features are also prominent in rustic weddings, so opting for wooden tables and chairs is a great way to bring your theme a natural palette.

Another key element to consider is that rustic themes tend to take inspiration from an untamed countryside, meaning that it may be best to consider a summer outside wedding. For weddings outside, we recommend choosing a barn to complement the natural tones and wooden features. For more inspiration on locations, Hitched has a great article on the best wedding venues for rustic themes.

Rustic Wedding

Vintage Wedding Theme

If you love the idea of a rustic wedding but also enjoy the traditional elements of a classic theme, then choosing a vintage wedding theme is the perfect option. You can combine the muted and off-white aesthetic of a rustic wedding while enjoying the chic flowers and classic wedding veils. Surprisingly, it is fairly easy to create a vintage wedding theme, and by using soft pink, cream, beige and a hint of crystal white with an abundance of detail, you can design a wedding that takes you back in time while maintaining a touch of modern flare.

From the lace wedding dress to the stunning calligraphy on your invitations, there are many ways in which you can create a breathtaking vintage themed wedding. Take a look at Brides article for some more hints and tips on how to design a vintage aesthetic for your wedding.

vintage wedding

Rose Gold Wedding Theme

A popular colour that has certainly come into fashion over the past couple of years is rose gold. This is an excellent way to bring a modern touch to any wedding theme, whether you opt for a traditional or rustic wedding. To create a rose gold wedding theme, you do not have to go all out and have every element of your wedding painted in gold. Instead, select delicate pieces and integrate rose gold in a subtle way. For example, rose gold cutlery, rose gold napkin rings and even a touch of rose gold on your wedding cake!

Hobbycraft is a great place to start for some DIY rose gold wedding decorations. From rose gold balloons, arches and bunting to rose gold table numbers, wedding planners and a quirky globe guest book, you can find a wide selection of ideas simply by scrolling through their online store.

Rose Gold Wedding

Black Themed Wedding

Now, we’re not saying that you have to make your entire wedding black, however, it is extremely popular to add a hint of black into your wedding decor. A simple touch of black through your flower arrangement or adding black to your table decorations is a great way to create drama without going all out. A popular choice is to pair black with white elements to contrast one another for a dramatic effect. For example, having a white table with black wooden chairs or even a white and black wedding cake.

If you wish to add a hint of black to your wedding without making it the main feature, then Wedding Wire has a fantastic article on how to bring some black elements into your decor.

black wedding cake

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Now that you have your theme in mind, it is time to start piecing together your big day with a host of wedding decoration ideas. There are so many ideas that you can bring to life at your wedding, with some of our favourite being the following:

Wedding Table Decorations

Your tables are the perfect place to add some drama to the room, making them one of the most important elements of your aesthetics. When it comes to choosing your wedding table decorations, you will need to keep in mind your colour theme. For example, if you choose the rose gold or black wedding theme discussed previously, then adding small elements or big features with these colours will help to create a coherent theme.

There are many ways you can decorate your tables, including table runners, flowers, place cards and candles. One of the main decorations will be the centrepiece, which will be discussed below. For ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your table, we recommend taking a look at Wedding Venues.

table decorations

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

The centre piece is the most important part of the table decorations, meaning that spending some time finding the perfect one is well worthwhile. Here are a few of our favourite wedding centrepiece ideas:

Wedding Arch Ideas

Walking down the aisle to a stunning arch or into your venue with an array of colours and flowers at the entrance is what makes your wedding feel special. When thinking about wedding arch ideas, it is important to match the arch with your colour palette and theme. For example, if you have a rustic theme, then add sheer curtains or drapes, whereas, for a more vintage wedding, opting for a flower arch can create an elegant and beautiful feature. To give you some inspiration and help you to stay on budget, DIY.com has a wonderful selection of arches and how to make them.

wedding arch

DIY Wedding Decorations

Every penny counts, especially when you have a host of things that you need to pay for. You will need to budget for food, venues and entertainment, so saving a few pounds here and there by creating DIY wedding decorations will allow you to splash the cash on more important things. If you choose to incorporate DIY decorations, then it is important to make sure that you start making these in advance, as they will take time to create. Some of our favourite DIY wedding decorations include:

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

While you may not see it as a decoration, your entertainment can play a key role in the atmosphere and decor of your venue. For example, our 3D LED dance floor and digital graffiti wall in London are the perfect entertainment features to incorporate into your wedding for a unique element that will go down a treat. Our digital graffiti wall can also provide your guests with a unique and bespoke keepsake that can be printed out onto mugs, t-shirts, hats and more.

One of our most popular entertainment services is our photo booth hire in London, which comes with a range of booth solutions to match your requirements. For example, for smaller venues, our compact booth provides the same excitement without taking up too much room in your venue. On the other hand, if you wish to create a feature with your photo booth, then our mirror booth adds style and elegance.

By utilising our range of photo booths, you and your guests can have hours of fun and entertainment. Not only this, but you can also design your printouts with a message for your guests, which they can then place their printouts in a book with a message for a unique guest book. If you would like to find out more about our photo booths in London, then why not take a look at our previous article?

friends in Booth

Time To Start Planning Your Wedding!

Planning a wedding takes time and research to ensure that your big day is exactly how you imagined. From the colours of your wedding to the final touches of decor, you can piece together your theme for a magical day of celebrations. For more ideas on planning your wedding, or any other event for that matter, please feel free to browse through our previous articles or contact the team to book your unique wedding entertainment.

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